1. LDA says:

    Nicely put.

  2. bobbo, I've seen Sailor's borrow money says:

    The other gem is that a prostitute will stop screwing you when you die.

  3. Drunken Republican says:

    I always carry the China Debit card when I run out of cash.

  4. McCullough says:

    #3. As will the gub-ment. But then, politics is the second oldest profession.

  5. Ah_Yea says:

    Why Drunken, why carry a China Debit card when you have friends like this??


  6. Buzz says:

    Polybot is completely devoid of humor and can now be seen to be part of the Great Republican Conspiracy. (GPC)

  7. Buzz says:

    #5. Good thinking, but I bet it took political skill to become the First Prostitute.

    And that happened way, way before humans.

    So the Old Saying is flawed. Let’s send it to Mythbusters.

  8. Glass Half Full says:

    “Ronald Reagan proved deficits don’t matter” – Dick Chaney (when corned about Bush over spending).

    Let’s see how this works.

    Reagan over spent. No tea party.
    George HW Bush over spent. No tea party.
    George W Bush over spent. No tea party.
    Obama over spent. Tea party ANGRY!

    There you go, fair and balanced. ROTFLMAO

    The tea party is JUST the angry most conservative 20% of the country. NONE of them voted for Obama, so SHOCKINGLY they don’t like him or his policy. ROTFLMAO. Don’t try to tell me they’re “independents” who voted for Obama (after listening to him debate Hillary for a year about who would have the MORE comprehensive universal health care plan) then get MAD at him for implemented a watered down version of what he ran on. Please…what a joke.

  9. smartalix says:


    Exactly. Where where these yahoos during the Bush years?

    Oh, right. They were saying “if you don’t support the President you’re a terrorist”. Idiots.

  10. The Kenyan says:

    #9 I agree. I’m working my ass off to dig us out of the Republican created shit hole.

    I’m between a rock and a hard place. I want to reduce the spending but recognize I need to spend to get the economy and jobs back on track.

    I’m ready to carpet bomb those mother fucking tea baggers. If they think The Kraken is bad, wait till they see the shitstorm of trouble I can release.

  11. FRAGaLOT says:

    how is it we owe china any money? Is it the chinese government we owe, or the industry there due to trade deficits?

    And how did this come about? did we literally get loans from Chinese banks, or the Chinese government? Or did we trade goods with china but never paid for it?

  12. JT says:

    This is funny but if this drunken sailor really stopped when he ran out of money he was unusual. I am also a former sailor and I made a lot of money off drunken sailors who ran out of money and then came to me to borrow more.

  13. Rick says:

    Well, Mr. Drunken Sailor. I hope you realize that all these teabaggers that recently discovered that deficit spending is evil expect to balance the budget by cutting entitlement programs. Like your government pension, your social security, your government provided health care.

    Enjoy your retirement.

  14. Ah_Yea says:



    The Dem’s have already spent those things!

  15. bobbo, with deep condolances says:

    I’m watching the riots in Greece right now. Seems the people do not want their programs cut. They think the “government” should take the cuts.

    Sounds like Teabaggers on Ouzzo!

    “Keep the gubment out of my MediCare!!”

  16. amodedoma says:

    #13 JT

    Merchant marine or military? During the 5 years I spent in the USN my time in foreign ports was spent getting drunk or getting laid not necessarily in that order, and always had more than enough cash. The guys that were borrowing money were the poor fools that’d gamble their money on ship underway. I’ve been to the Persian gulf 3 times 90 days, 120 days, and 150 days. You can imagine what it’s like to get to port with 5 paychecks to spend and 5 days in Mombasa to do as you please after months at sea. Tusker beer, a blur of discos and prostitutes.

  17. amodedoma says:

    #13 Frag

    You don’t remember Bush’s Economic stimulus act, you didn’t get a check? That was paid for by the Chinese.

  18. chuck says:

    #12 – When the government needs more money that it gets from tax revenues, it needs to borrow the money.

    (Someone correct me if I get some of the details wrong.)

    So it goes to the Federal Reserve Bank and gets a loan. To cover the loan the US Treasury issues Treasury Bonds, which the Federal Reserve Bank sells. China (and other countries) buy US Treasury Bonds.

    Here’s the fun part: if there aren’t enough people (or countries) to buy all the US Treasury Bonds, the US Treasury just pretends they got sold and spends the money anyway. This is what they mean by “printing money”. No actual money is printed, but the currency gets devalued as a result.

    If they do this too much, the holders of the Treasury Bonds have an asset which is declining in value, so they don’t buy any more of them and you get inflation, followed by hyper-inflation.

  19. woody says:

    The sailors of the USS Liberty were not drunk when they were attacked by…you fill in the blank. I’ll bet the sailors of the USS Cole were sober as well. Who were they attacked by? Seamen, google USS Liberty, and you will find the answer.

  20. McCullough says:

    #19. Chuck….No,no,no, Obama has a gold spinning wheel and he uses straw to create money with the magic spinning wheel.

    How old ARE you anyway?

  21. McCullough says:

    #20. The posters here will NEVER believe this. They are way too fucking stupid or lazy to know about the false flag attacks on the Liberty, or the completely fabricated Gulf of Tonkin or….well, you and I get it. Fuck em. They get what they deserve for being idiots.

  22. amodedoma says:

    #20 I remembered the Cole. Never came across the story about the USS Liberty. Very interesting, thank you. I wonder what that ‘investigation’ vessel was investigating so close to a war zone where the Israelis were going apeshit. The 6 day war.

    A lot goes on in the military that people never hear about. When I was in the Navy our carrier carried out repeated bombing missions on Lebanon, never got to the news though. Or how ’bout the fact that every time the ship left for a cruise before it got back on the average 7-8 crew members had died, in ‘peacetime’. Like I said before – FTN.

  23. amodedoma says:

    #20 Woody

    Doesn’t seem like much compared to Iran Air Flight 655.
    It’s the military, they’re supposed to make mistakes.

  24. deowll says:

    #12 We buy more than we sell and then they have used some of the surplus to buy our bonds.

    Haven’t you noticed our heads of state including the President kissing up?

    Not to worry we are going to get out of this mess the same way Greece and the other EU countries are going to get out of their mess so just keep an eye on Greece, etc. to see the future.

    So far it looks like we are in for national strikes and riots with a lot of civil unrest. I think the population is in substantial pain but they still haven’t hit bottom yet.


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