Yesterday Steve Jobs appeared at the Cupertino City Council to propose a stunning new office complex for Apple.

  1. Gary, the dangerous infidel says:

    I think Jobs should file for a patent on the circle.

  2. Glenn E. says:

    #45- Rob. If you think there might be some beautiful acreage going unappreciated by the public, in the US. Just have a look at the royal park, surrounding the palaces in England. Open to the public, only on special occasions. Like that royal wedding, last month. Later, after that, they kicked all the peasants out. It’s not like the UK has a lot of room to spare, on its little island. But some of these castle have huge private, tax free estates around them. And the royals don’t feel the least troubled about hording all that park land to themselves. Just suppose Donald Trump bought NY Central Park. put up a fence, and locked everyone out. He’d be lynched in a week. Americans wouldn’t stand for having a huge private park, maintained by tax dollars, in the middle of a large metropolis. But that’s exactly what London England has. And why the Brits don’t call a stop to this prime real estate hold up, is pretty strange. Hey Brit dudes, start a revolution.

  3. Who says:

    The circle reminds me of Pedro/Goatse.

  4. Palooka says:

    The Apple proposed building looks like the British GCHQ “Doughnut” building From Wikipedia
    “The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is a British intelligence agency responsible for providing signals intelligence (SIGINT) and information assurance to the UK government and armed forces. Based in Cheltenham, it operates under the guidance of the Joint Intelligence Committee.”

    “Coincidence I think not!!!”

  5. Dallas says:

    #70. Fair and balance. That same council granted permission for many Christian Taliban resorts, ummm churches. These pyramid schemes, ummm churches pay no taxes and the cash they snooker from their followers gets shipped to the gold castle in Rome.

    Balance implies the need to bring Progressive companies to pay the bills, ensure prosperity and drive innovation. You should thank Zeus for the Obama supporting, progressive thinking intellectual giant that is Steve Jobs for living here and not in Bejing. No?

  6. jobs says:

    #70 “buy agriculturally zoned land”

    This is not agriculturally zoned land, this land is mostly parking lots and HP’s old empty building.

  7. foobar says:

    #80 Yup that was a pretty butt stupid comment.

    Except for Amazon, the south bay is once again the hot bed of hot shit. Amazing.

  8. Dallas says:

    #81 as usual, u make little or no sense nor challenge the point made. In this case, it’s both!

  9. macbilzi says:

    Steve Jobs was an adopted child from a modest background who built a computer in his garage. He embodies the quintessential American success story. Those tunnel visioned, MacDonald’s munching whiners who believe that Apple should feed the masses and that ilk have never worked (that means PRODUCE, not just show up) for a living to realize that without such success and obsessive hard work over 30 years there would be no largesse to steal. It’s easy to sit in front of a computer and type in your ridiculous, banal, pinheaded rantings because an insightful few like Mr. Jobs made it easy for you. You guys should be picking apricots at the Apple orchard.
    When your envy turns into enough of an obsession, perhaps you will actually be driven, like Mr. Jobs, to also do something with your life and make the world a better place rather than dismantle what a very few, inspired individuals have provided for you. Please, please imitate a mature, TRULY thoughtful fellow member of the human race develop a healthy respect and reverence for your freedoms.

  10. Poor Steve Jobs. I didn’t know he had a cancer. Sending prayers for his family. It’s a pity he died at such young age.

  11. Love this guy. Sad that he is in heaven now 🙁

  12. Russell says:

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