Reusable Toilet Paper Headed Your Way

Wallypop Family Wipes, Toilet Wipes, Reusable Toilet Paper — If anyone thinks this is not going to be introduced in places like Berkeley as some sort of requirement, then you have not been paying attention. It will begin with a “tax” on toilet paper.

“Alright,” you say, “You’ve convinced me about cloth diapers, and I understand using cloth gift bags and napkins. But toilet paper??” For some people, making the switch to cloth toilet wipes is a huge leap, that’s true. But it doesn’t need to be!

Using cloth toilet wipes actually has many advantages. For one, it’s a lot more comfortable and soft on your most delicate body parts. It’s also more economical, uses less paper, and saves you those late-night trips to the store. And cloth wipes can be used wet without any of the sopping disintegration that regular toilet paper is prone to.

Found by Joe Carlson.