Weblog Tools Collection WP vs MT : Moratorium. I ran into this interesting post on a trackback. It’s a plea for a moratorium on bickering between the users of various blogging software packages. In fact, from my experience over the years, the best thing that can happen is, in fact, more bickering. The results of such carping tend to be the emergence of issues that are otherwise covered-up. The beneficiary of this is always the hapless user who has to make a choice at the end of the day. Criticism makes the users chores easier since it gives them more to evaluate. Moratoriums produce stagnation and low-energy. An all-out war would produce better products for us all. Unfortunately there seems to be an undercurrent of cuddley “let’s be nice to each other” pinnings to the whole scene. It’s almost nauseating. It’s fake and seems to stem from some political correctness adopted by early bloggers. Worse, it just encourages more “cat” blogs.

  1. Adrian says:

    Hey John,

    The » character in this post is breaking my RSS reader. It says it’s not a valid XML character. You might want to do a slight edit of the post and my comment. I use RSS Reader, so it’s probably a valid error on WPs part of not filtering it for the RSS feed.


  2. FlasheR! says:

    And some else, come here……

    The most interest!…


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