Videos: New (Fake) iPhone Ads

Note: F word in first video.

Video: Extreme Crosswind Jumbo Jet Testing

The third and fourth landings are really extreme. In the fourth landing, it looks like the landing gear is steered to match the direction of the runway.

Update: The main landing gear will not steer in the air… only on the ground and in the opposite direction of the nose gear.

The steering system incorporates aft axle steering of the main landing gear in addition to the nose gear steering. The aft axle steering system is hydraulically actuated and programmed to provide steering ratios proportionate to the nose gear steering angles. During takeoff and landing, the aft axle steering system is centered, mechanically locked, and depressurized.

From Boeing 777 Airport Planning Document.

Video: Don’t Fall Asleep at the Ball Game

Watch an iPhone Being Torn Apart, All In The Name Of Geek Curiosity

If you want to see some detailed pictures of a iPhone being taken apart, you can head over to this page.

Video: How To Crawl Through A Hole In A 3×5 Card

Click pic to watch

And Now… Our National Anthem

Found by Art Snyder.

Video: Unique Card Wizard – Bill Mallone

Video: Dueling Banjos

Video: Deer Hunting with a Bird

That’s a huge hawk or eagle or falcon or whatever it is.

Well, I didn’t See That Coming… (Funny Car Ad)

Video: Extraordinary Motorcycle Recovery

Found by Gasparrini.

Video: Impressive Otter Ball Handling

Video: Michelin Pioneering Airless TiresThe “Tweel” was first announced in January 2005.

Michelin’s Tweel is in production and available as an enhancement for future iBOT™ mobility systems. Invented by Dean Kamen, the iBOT™ mobility device has the ability to climb stairs and navigate uneven terrain, offering mobility freedom impossible with traditional wheelchairs. Additionally, Segway LLC’s Concept Centaur, a prototype that applies self-balancing technology to a four-wheel device, has also been equipped with Tweel to increase its performance potential.

Beyond these first real-world applications, Michelin has additional projects for Tweel on construction skidsteers and a variety of military vehicles. The most intriguing application may be Michelin’s early prototype Tweel fitment for passenger cars. The mobility company released video of promising Tweel performance on an Audi A4.

Video: How to Tie the Ultimate Knot

iPhone, the Musical

Click to Play

Video: Numbskull Tries to Climb Inside Balloon

This is hilarious! Why in hell would anyone want to do this? He must have seen it on YouTube.

Video: Cool Frisbee Trick

Is this an example of ground effects?

Video: Chinese Fly Catcher

And he saves all of the flies that he catches!

This Video Blows

Video: Press 1 for English

Eye-Roller Vid of the Day Dept.

This vid was supposedly shot in Saudi Arabia where women are all covered up in these black outfits. I never thought about this before, but apparently this makes eating spaghetti incredibly difficult. Just nuts in fact.

found by JGS

WOW! Samsung’s Astounding Synchonized Half-Time Show

Could you imagine if, say, Microsoft could get it’s employees to put on something like this? They could create pictures of the Zune and the BSOD. Of course, it would have to be shorter as all those caffeinated, pizza eating programmers would keel over with heart attacks doing this for six minutes.

Classic Video Dept. The Crock of TechnoBabble BS.This is an absolute classic video that apparently was done as a joke for a sales meeting or something around 1997. I’m sure a reader knows the source. Whatever the case Professor Irwin Corey could not have done this better.

found by Ed Casati

First Boeing 787 Dreamliner Rolled Out on Sunday

Gee, looks like a comfortable plane to fly. According to CNet News, “The 787 Dreamliner has more pre-orders than any other jetliner in history.”

Video: Unbelievable Idiotic 911 Calls

This is worse than Jay Leno’s Jay-walking. It’s hard to believe that people are this stupid.

Disney’s Car Chase Video

Curiously this is posted here and there with numerous references to the fact that this is at Disneyworld but no specifics at where? Looks like it should be at Epcot. I’m sure a reader will know. It’s quite fun, but apparently the cars are all rigged for various trick turns.

Found by Ed Casati who adds, “Looks like a typical Friday night on any Italian street.”

Video of Ikea Ads

Video: The 12th Annual Redneck Games


EAST DUBLIN, Ga. 08 Jul 2007 (AP) — The crowd stood at least six people deep Saturday for the most popular competition at the 12th annual Redneck Games in East Dublin, the Mud Pit Belly Flop.

The games started with contestants trying to ring posts with toilet seats in the Redneck Horseshoes competition, and continued with Bobbin’ for Pigs Feet and a watermelon seed spitting contest.

Disclaimer: This video was from last years games. It’s pretty funny. The Mud Pit Belly Flop is near the end.

Men Don’t Want To Look At Naked Men (NSFW)

Interesting video of an advertisement that’s definitely NSFW. Click on the picture to see the video. ;)

Will It Blend? iPhone Edition

I feel so dirty after watching this ;)

Wacky Renault Ad From Spain With A Cameo That Will Leave You Saying ‘WTF?’

In case you don’t recognise the tune in the ad, it’s from the movie ‘Never Ending Story’.

Video: How to Hack an ElevatorIt this really works in 90% of elevators and too many people learn about it, this will really disrupt elevator systems. (Yeah, I know, why did I post it. I couldn’t resist. At least this trick will save you when some kid leaps into the elevator, pushes all of the buttons and leaps back out.)

Video: Ricochet Head Shot!

Willie, the father of Tina, who made the sandbag rests fires a .50BMG, an Armalite AR-50 and it ricochets off of a steel plate that it should have easily penetrated. The bullet comes straight back and hits him in the head. You can see it hit the dirt about 15 feet in front on him before it clobbers him. Luckily he was uninjured. He’s a bit sore today, but otherwise fine. Lucky lucky bastard. He has been advised to buy lottery tickets while he still has so much luck. I don’t know about the timing, but you can hear the hit on the steel plate. Time that till the impact on Willie’s head… how fast is that 750 grain slug traveling? The range is 100 yards. Amazing.

Geez, what a sound! This guy sure was lucky it didn’t nail him between the eyes.

Mother Gives Ecstasy to Child? WTF!?

An online video that allegedly shows teens teasing a toddler for using the drug Ecstasy while sitting on the floorboard of a moving vehicle is being investigated by local authorities hoping to find out who is responsible.

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