These were slides originally handed out by Apple PR around the mid 1980’s just before John Sculley took over the company as CEO. I believe these were distributed for a book project. I found them in mint condition amongst a collection of press material I was rummaging through over the weekend. I wonder, after all these years, if the company even has these pics anymore.

The original Apple logo

The original Apple I

The first Byte shop where Apple I kits were sold. Mountain View.

Steve Jobs showing off the first Apple II, probably at West Coast Computer Faire 1977

Original Apple HQ

Steve Jobs’ garage

Posed shot showing Woz, motherboard and Jobs. Jobs now cleaned up looking none too-happy about it.

DeAnza building. The trees should be bigger by now I’d think.

Steve and John at the Mac rollout.

An overseas Apple store circa 1984-85. Forerunner of today’s Apple stores.

Apple booth at the NCC (National Computer Conference) probably 1984. The NCC folded after the 1987 show.

The Apple II Forever celebration used to roll out the Apple IIc (April 1984)

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