Ride The Farting Coaster At Denmark’s Anti-Disney Theme ParkAs pointed out by Glen, this is a clip from the guys at ThemeParkReview.

Thank You for Asking: Whatever Happened To Ernest Angley ?!

Retro-Evangelism… Ah, neighbor….

Heh, don’t knock this guy, if it hadn’t been for him we might never have had Benny Hinn. Oh wait, that would be a good thing…. I’m getting so confused.

But retro or not, Angley is still going strong. Check him out at Ernest Angley Ministries. And don’t forget to check the downloads page: You might even find some PETA-safe wallpaper.

Please touch his hand on your monitor,
and report your miracle in comments.

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Video: A 4 Minute Ride On Shuttle Discovery’s Booster Rocket

Video: The Great New Sport of ‘Urban Sprinting’

As Long As We’re Doing Creepy “Michael Jackson’s Face” Posts (Video)Blame Uncle Dave’s post for reminding me of this video.
Damn, and just when it might have remained expunged from my consciousness forever!

Holiday Educational Video Dept. — MATHS

If you haven’t checked out the “Look Around You” Series, here’s a start.

Video: Weird Windows XP Notepad Censorship

OK. This is just bizarre. I’ve tried it and it works, but only on XP.

Open Notepad and type in the words “Bush hid the facts”. Save it, close Notepad, then reopen the file. You will see boxes. If you open the file in another editor, the words are there, so it is something in Notepad. Microsoft trying to censor the truth?

Now before you righties jump up and down claiming Uncle Dave is posting this because of the anti-Bush line, well, OK. Guilty. But try it for yourself. Then read this.

Today’s Science Lesson Video: Water Bubbles In Space

Disturbing Michael Richards Meltdown Caught on Phone Cam


This is one of the most pathetic meltdowns imaginable. Michael Richards played Kramer on Seinfeld for 9 years then failed to do much after that. His character was actually developed on the old Fridays show which bred numerous actors and comics. He was never famous for his stand-up and apparently never developed this skill. For one thing most stand-ups share numerous put-down lines to deal with hecklers, they do not go berserk like this. One has to assume that he thought he was being funny. Everyone must soon realize that everything is being captured on one device or another. This is a career ender.

found by David Feldman

Has Bush Given Himself Amnesty? Odd Report of the Day Dept.

Has anyone been following this at all? I sure missed it. I’m guessing this Cafferty fellow is not a big fan of President Bush, no?

Found by Marc Perkel

Today’s History Lesson: Video of the World’s Biggest Nuke Explosion

Former North Carolina State University professor calls for the extermination of all white people!

I guess we have a clue as to why he is a former professor.

Thanksgiving Themed Video — Hilarious

Another one of those European-style Candid Camera stunts they would never do in the USA thanks to the censors.

found by Wild Bill Reising

Cars on Fire Left and Right

Who needs the French to burn cars? Many do it on their own.

Gti catches on fire for no reason

Race car…wow

Parked car goes up

Another small car up in flames

Parked car burning

Drive by

Update: UCLA police tazered a student twice because he didn’t have his campus ID!

Register – Thursday 16th November 2006:

According to a report on the university’s Daily Bruin, the incident occured at around 11.30 pm on Tuesday when security officers at the Powell Library CLICC computer lab “asked a male student using a computer in the back of the room to leave when he was unable to produce a BruinCard during a random check“.

It was at this point that the officers shot the student with a Taser for the first time, causing him to fall to the floor and cry out in pain. The student also told the officers he had a medical condition.”

The video shows the tasered ne’er-do-well shouting “Here’s your Patriot Act, here’s your fucking abuse of power”, while refusing to get up. Shortly thereafter, the cops tasered him a second time for his trouble.

UCPD officers later confirmed that the man at the receiving end of the righteous tasering was a student, but didn’t name him or give any further details.

Update: This one is nearly off the irony scale. Three UCLA cops were recently given “Tazer Awards” for subduing a mental patient earlier this year! Way to go guys, treat yourself to an extra donut! Maybe if you’re lucky Santa will bring you some quadriplegic kids to zap!

Update II: The victim in this attack, Mostafa Tabatabainejad, is accusing the UCLA police of racial profiling…

Associated Press – November 17, 2006:

A student who was shocked by a campus police officer’s Taser gun after he refused to show ID at a UCLA library thought he was being singled out by the officer because of his Middle Eastern appearance, his lawyer said.

Yagman said his client declined to show his school ID because he thought he was being targeted for his appearance. His family is of Iranian descent.

Update III: It appears the UCLA doesn’t trust its internal police force, as the university has ordered an outside and independent probe of this attack.

Los Angeles Times – November 18, 2006:

Hoping to calm the furor created when UCLA police used a Taser to subdue a student studying in Powell Library, the university’s acting chancellor announced Friday that a veteran Los Angeles law enforcement watchdog would head up an independent investigation of the incident.

Norman Abrams said he ordered the probe after the university received numerous calls and e-mails from parents and alumni raising concerns about the officers’ actions during the videotaped Tuesday night arrest, which has been widely seen on TV news and the YouTube website.

I want to assure them that the UCLA campus is a safe environment. Student safety and treatment are of paramount concern at UCLA,” Abrams said. “We plan to move ahead promptly with a complete and unbiased review.”

Abrams said Bobb has a proven track record looking into allegations of police misconduct, including the Rodney King beating and more recently the riots at the L.A. County jail system.

For everyone who thinks the cops did the right thing, you might want to read this…

One of the issues Bobb’s investigation will examine is whether the officers complied with the university police rules for using Tasers.

Several local police agencies — including the LAPD and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department — allow officers to use Tasers only if a suspect poses a physical threat or is acting combatively.

The sheriff’s policies expressly say deputies can’t use Tasers simply to move someone

Barbie’s Pooping Dog for Kids Ups the Ante for Screwball Ideas

Could this be any worse than “Betsy-Wetsy?” Yes. The shift has moved away from motherhood responsibilities to dog ownership training. You be the judge as to which we need more.

AMD Rolling Out Quad Core Machines

One of the first looks at the new four core machines designed for the end-user. These are actually dual/dual-core machines.

Internet Humor Dept. Hilarious Rumsfeld Bit

Riotous. Not far from the reality.

found by Phil Parker

Kiwi — Animation That Will Make You Laugh As It Breaks Your Heart

The creator of this did it for his masters thesis in animation.

Real video of a cop getting his ass kicked: “Shooting him with pepper spray and a bullet only made him madder!”

Maybe an elephant gun would have worked?!

The Great Ellen Feiss Apple Ad Revisited

What Have You Accomplished Today? This Guy Broke Record For T-Shirt Wearing.

Watch out atheists, you’re about to meet your worst nightmare: the banana!So if the easy to eat banana is supposed to prove the existence of God, what exactly does the artichoke prove?

Update: There is some suggestion in the comments that this is a joke. But it’s real. The guy in the video is Ray Comfort, a New Zealand-born minister and evangelist. It came from his Christian talk show.

Video: Remember “Mission Accomplished?” The White House Doesn’t. I Wonder Why?

Video: Me And My Shadow

Video: 1976 Rocket Powered Car Jump Over River

Kenny Powers had broken his back seven times previously in other jumps. Here’s a fascinating review of a documentary (The Devil At Your Heels) about Ken “The Mad Canadian” Carter who came up with this stunt and performed many others.

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