Video: The Hazards Of Advertising Today

“Yeah, boss, this seems like the perfect show for our ad!”

    Fringe Science Dept. Kiril Chukanov Ball-Lightning ZPE InterviewKiril Chukanov Ball-Lightning ZPE Interview – Google Video — I love the crackpots and their zero point energy ideas (once called perpetual motion machines). Here’s the current guru. I especially like the fact that the guy filming him was apparently on his knees throughout the interview. Does that make it more important?

    It’s all about the money. :)

      Hot Vid of the Day Dept. French Marines Video

      This vid is getting alot of play. It supposedly shows some French Marines landing in Lebanon. The problem is they land at a quicksand pit.

        Ack, Another Drunk Video Hits the Streets

        Ok, no more comments about how drinking is bad, and this is pathetic. All I know is that it will not end up on America’s Funny Home videos for some reason. It should!

          Video: A Photo A Day

            Who Needs Phasers When You Can Fire A Million Rounds A Minute – The Metal Storm Electronic Guns

            Info on these guns came out a year or more ago. I wonder what the state of the technology is that’s still secret today?

            Gun whips up a Metal Storm

            This is Metal Storm, a weapons system that forsakes old-style mechanics for the speed of electronics.

            Its inventor is Mike O’Dwyer, a one-time grocer in the Australian city of Brisbane. He’s spent 30 years and much of his own money to develop the technology.

            And then there’s this system for tracking and shooting at anything moving within a specified area.

            Successful Firing of Area Denial Weapon System

            Australia is signatory to the 1997 Ottawa Treaty that bans the use of Anti-Personnel Land Mines (APL). Through the banning of APLs, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) needed to identify a more appropriate weapon system to deny access by a dismounted enemy to large areas of ground. […] The ADWS aims to demonstrate area denial technology that can overcome the indiscriminate nature of land mines by addressing the requirement for a human-in-the-loop to initiate the weapon system. The ADWS concept provides an option that is Ottawa Treaty Compliant.

            ADWS is based on integrating Metal Storm 40 mm stacked projectiles into a multi-barrel pod system and linking them with intrusion sensors and a fire control system.

            The concept demonstration system comprised four weapon pods, each containing four barrels, networked and linked to a command and control station. Each demonstrator pod has the capability to fire up to 20 projectiles in varying user-selectable combinations including rates of fire, barrel selection and firing sequence.

              Vid of the Day: Smoking is Hazardous to Your Health

              found by Bill Reising

                Video: Sen. Ted Stevens Version of Web 2.0

                You can almost taste the tubes! [Note: No Senators were harmed in the making of this video. Can’t be certain about members of the House.]

                  RC Plane With Heads-Up Controller Video — UniqueTedious but interesting.

                  found by Mike Voice

                    “New” Magic? Marco Tempest

                    Here is a street magician who has actually dreamed up a new presentation style — using his camera phone as a third eye prop. If you go to YouTube and look up Marco Tempest you will finda bunch these little tricks.

                    This particular one is interesting visually, but actually somewhat confusing overall.

                    I have the sense that every magician in the world is going to be on YouTube before all is said and done.

                      Video of the Day Dept. Quick Change Artists

                      There have been over one million views of this video off of YouTube. Curiously there are older vids of these folks working a high school gym making you wonder how many good acts there are out there that languish because there is no variety show on TV anymore and no live venues outside of Vegas. What we get is this crummy America’s Got Talent ersatz competition. Why does everything have to be a competition? It’s pointless.

                      passed along by Marc Perkel

                        Video: Real Life Barney Fife Discharging HandgunYes, “this video is old.” (I saved you some typing.) But every time I watch it, I am dumbfounded. Accidents happen, but cripes!

                        Did she have to turn in her bullet? Oh wait, I forgot, she already fired it!

                          Exceptional (And Bizarre) Animated VideosFallen ArtThe Cathedral

                          These were created by Tomasz Bagiński, a Polish animator, who was nominated for an Oscar a few years ago for The Cathedral. There’s a high-res version of The Cathedral on various BitTorrent sites that really shows how spectacular it is. And, it was supposedly done on a regular PC using 3D Studio Max.

                            YouTube removes nearly 30,000 video files

                            October 20, 2006 (Reuters) — This is going to be what they spend a lot of time doing for the next year.

                   removed 29,549 video files from its popular Web site in Japan after receiving a demand from a group of Japanese media companies over copyright infringement, an industry group said on Friday.

                            The television, music and movie clips had been posted without the permission of copyright holders, the Tokyo-based Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers said in a statement.

                            The group, which represents 23 media companies, including TV networks and movie distributors, said it would ask YouTube to set up screening and other measures to block postings of unauthorized files. It also called on Internet users not to post video clips in violation of copyright laws.

                            To commemorate the beginning of the end, here is the fabled 30,000 bottle rockets-at-once video.

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