Video: Hampster in the Video Game

Seinfeld’s Lost Episode

Dance, CEO, DanceMy understanding is that all Silicon Valley CEO’s are required to accomplish this feat.

High-Tech Tables

Funny Nissan Commercial Explains Independent Front Suspension in Terms all Men will Understand!

Yet another European commercial that will never air on American TV because it’s too risque. It’s also sophomoric, but I can assure you that’s not the reason you’ll never see it.

Update: Here’s a commercial we’ll never see broadcast in the US! And it probably will not show up on an awards show either.

The Truth Revealed: Bill Clinton Tried to Kill Santa!

KB’s Christmas Coal for Bad Little DU ReadersI can think of no more fitting punishment for a year’s worth of cranky comments than to make you watch It’s a Wonderful Life.

Merry Cripin’ Christmas.

Worst Video: If You thought the Barking Dogs Were Bad…Have A Monster Christmas!
This is officially disgusting.

Oh the irony: How to convert your MacBook to the Dvorak keyboard!

Click on the picture above to see more.

John explains the how and why of pissing off Mac users. (Actually an imposter)

Pepsi vs. Coke Video: Uncle Dave as a Kid?Contributing editor Uncle Dave has often expressed his preference for Pepsi. This looks like something he might have done as a kid, particularly given the originality he brings to problem-solving.

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