This is an open competition for bragging rights for anyone who thinks they have the ability to design a new logo for the Dvorak Uncensored blog. Here are the guidelines.

  1. The logo has to be compelling, scalable and versatile enough to fit on a variety of templates.
  2. The file size should be around 15K
  3. Interesting animations will be allowed
  4. The current logo is 760×90 the finalists may have to adjust the logo for an alternative size for a site redesign. But please submit at 760×90 (or so)
  5. The design can be modern or retro but must be unique and eye-catching.
  6. The design should be amenable for a t-shirt printing.
  7. All designs must be in by the end of Sept. Public comments will follow.
  8. Submissions and queries should be mailed to with the subject line:LOGO DESIGN
  9. The winner will be picked on the basis of artistic merit as determined by the blog editors.

ALL the accepted logos will be randomly posted on this PAGE as received for ongoing commentary.

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