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RFID hacking

A Hacker's Toolkit for RFID Emulation and Jamming

OpenPCD / OpenPICC

RFID - overview of protocols, librfid implementation and passive

Practical RFID Attacks

EU Policy on RFID & Privacy

Analyzing RFID Security

RF fingerprinting of RFID

Mining social contacts with active RFID

Versuch RFID-Kommunikation mitzuschneiden – CCCB


Hardware and Software Projects from CCC Members for RFID Hacking:

Open RFID reader

The project tries to provide a Free Software toolset
the new electronic passports.

librfid - A Free Software RFID stack

And in case you have nothing else to do, ALL the video recordings from
CCC Events (better than C-SPAN) are available in iTunes as well:

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