Gmail is too creepy according to this website anyway. Interesting backlash for no real good reason except paranoia. Fun read for the paranoid.

  1. Ed Campbell says:

    These are the same folks who try to struggle through the Web with all cookies turned off. Defending civil liberties at a level suuported by the ACLU or the EFF has nothing to do with personal paranoia.

    30 years ago, I was part of a successful class action suit against a city administration and the local police department + a local phone company + the FBI for illegal wiretaps. I won’t forget it and I hope that anyone else whose concerns include everything from the Patriot Act to DRM won’t, either.

    But, like many cyber-civilians, I’m waiting in line for my gmail account. And I haven’t turned off all my cookies.

  2. James Dermitt says:

    I can’t see what is of such concern with GMail. It’s not like you are forced to subscribe and use it. I use email for casual correspondence, many times with people I don’t even know. I don’t open spams, because it’s a waste of time. The test for GMail will be how does it save the user time. Spam can be real creepy, so maybe the fear is that GMail will increase the creepy factor already present.

    John has these Google Ads next to where I’m typing this Blog comment and they aren’t creepy. If I send somebody an email about my car problem for example and get 200 emails back the next day telling me about my car problem in greater detail than I understood it, that might be creepy. You can’t take people out of the loop, at least if you want your car fixed today. I’m not sure what GMail will fix, but I’m sure that it will find what is broken, which may be the email system producing all the creepy, useless, bandwidth hogging spam email. I guess we can now complain about how creepy GMail might be, because we know how creepy email has become. It keeps getting worse, but it might get better. I hope GMail solves the problem and solves it soon.


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