Apparently somebody in marketing someplace thinks that “hiptop” is a cool name for carrying around a dork holster with a phone in it. Then they register it as a trade mark. Gad. This is a seriously dumb term. This makes both these companies into laughingstocks.

Danger and Sharp Announce Partnership for Development, Manufacturing and Distribution of hiptop® Devices

PALO ALTO, Calif. and OSAKA, Japan (July 23, 2004) — Danger, Inc. and Sharp Corporation today announced that they have agreed to a business partnership. Under this partnership, the two companies will work together closely on the development, manufacturing and distribution of hiptop® devices in North America and Europe. Based upon the license of Danger’s hardware reference design and client software, Sharp will manufacture, market and distribute jointly-developed products that connect to Danger’s service infrastructure – Danger’s hosted client-server technology which optimizes the transfer of data over wireless networks, resulting in a compelling user experience and efficient use of network resources.

  1. What they drinkin’ mank?

    It is clear to me that the “hip top” refers to the upper torso of the human body. Wired magazine tried to be hip once. They even published a few style guides back in the 90’s. But this? This will need a lot of MTV rotation before it’s shoved down the throat of the collective media consciousness.

  2. Jeremy says:

    The Hiptop, when it first came out from Danger, was highly visible in a few rap videos on the MTV and BET rotation.

    I believe that Jay-Z was seen using one in his video, and I would have to dig through my memory banks on other rap videos with the Hiptop. But, they were out there.


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