While researching this weeks PC Magazine column I came across this tidbit called, What was the First Personal Computer?

Firsr PC?

Was it the MITS Altair?
You’re way off! The Altair, introduced in January 1975, was the first computer to be produced in fairly high quantity, and it was the first computer to run Microsoft software, but we’re not sure that’s a good thing.
Unfortunately for computer history buffs, the Altair is often mistakenly called the first personal computer by Microsoft-loving journalists who don’t know any better.

I resemble that!! This, of course is nonsense — the part about dumb journalists. It’s just that the Altair is the progenitor of what we now know as the PC and the desktop computer. This argument is like saying that a Punch and Judy show displayed in a box in 1880 was the first TV. Nonetheless, this is interesting history anyway, no?

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