vacuum cleaner

So these folks have a collection of white noise recordings including this one of the vacuum cleaner to help babies rest. This is a real eye roller.

There’s something about the sound of a vacuum cleaner that babies absolutely love! It is thought by some experts that the vacuum cleaner sound is reminiscent of womb sounds, thereby comforting newborns and infants.

Thanks to Bill Howard for this link.

  1. Imafish says:

    White noise certainly works for getting kids to sleep. I have fans running for both my young kids. But I never would have considered running a vacuum cleaner to get them to sleep. That’s just crazy.

  2. Wow! What innovation. Some people would burn down the house just for the nails!

  3. Cyber Lucky says:

    I wonder what OS he’s running. Can I download a plugin!

    You’ll have tears in your eyes when you see Humphrey in action! Strap-on legs allow you to attach Humphrey to just about anything – although we prefer your leg. Squeeze his ear to “turn him on” and Humphrey will moan, coo, groan and actually hump, getting faster and faster until there is a huge sigh of relief! Just like the real thing, only better.

    Cyber Lucky


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