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If you like modern political commentary, then check out this anti-Bush animation. I can’t help but watch these things and wonder about the mixed messages sent out by anti-Bush forces. On the one hand we are supposed to believe that Bush and everyone around him are complete idiots. Bush, in particular. Yet we are treated to these episodes of fantasy telling us that he, in fact, is an evil genius. Or what? Super dumb or evil genius? Make up your minds!!! The hidden message in this video is that now Katherine “too much make-up” Harris is the equivalent of the Ernst Stavro Blofeld character in the James Bond movies. Puh-leeeze. That said, the Dems are doing a better job of creating these Hiterlesque propaganda pieces than are the Republicans.

  1. Imafish says:

    The amazing thing about that was how far Flash has come. It can do things that you used to need a professional video editor for. And I’ve been noticing local TV ads that were created in Flash too. For all the hype of Java, it’s amazing how Macromedia was able to just sneak itself in. It’s probably due to much easier to use tools.

  2. While we’re talking Florida…
    Douglas W Jones of the University of Iowa,
    has an animation of the Votomatic Voting Machine

    Under the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002, federal funds are provided for states to purchase or lease new voting system typically, “optical scan” or “direct recording electronic” (DRE) system thus hastening the demise of the gear-and-lever voting machine and the Votomatic type punch card ballot.

    This leasing of the voting machines idea concerns me. HAVA was signed into law by President George W. Bush in October, 2002. The HAVA state planning process requires each state to explain how it will comply with a new set of federal election requirements. Shouldn’t the public own the machines they vote on?


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