soap not husband
And you thought identity theft couldn’t go any further.. Apparently fake weddings are making womens life miserable in South Africa, Are we next?

“I don’t know this man from a bar of soap,” she said.

Last week, Bronwyn Gower went to pick up her new identity card and was astonished to find she was now “Mrs Fabian Oshi”.

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  1. Mike Voice says:

    Former British colony? – yes.

    Then a Republic, with state-sanctioned “Aparteid”? – yes.

    One-time dictatorship? – huh?

    Presents a problem? Is being born and/or raised in a country controlled by a repressive regime a disqualifying factor for people interested in politics?

    Everyone born/raised under Hitler’s/Mussolini’s/Stalin’s/Sadaam’s/Kim’s/etc reigns should not consider moving to the US and getting involved with politics – even indirectly – by marrying someone in politics?

    Hoping I missed a joke.


  2. Mike Voice says:

    That’s what I get for not watching TV, anymore.

    It’s impossible to understand the parody, if you aren’t familiar with the original.



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