Interesting Press Release. The problem I have is there are a lot of old products on here. Do they just receive the same award year after year? Is this like the Emmys?



Elizabeth, CO (July, 2004) – The Shareware Industry Awards Foundation was pleased to announce the winners of the thirteenth annual Shareware Industry Awards during a gala awards banquet held at the Rochester Hyatt Regency in Rochester, New York as part of the fourteenth annual Shareware Industry Conference.

Awards were given in eighteen categories:
– Best Overall Utility – WinZip by WinZip Computing, Inc.
– Best Application – askSam by askSam Systems (
– Best Graphics Program or Utility – Paint Shop Pro by Jasc Software, Inc. (
– Best Desktop Enhancement – Microangelo Creation by Eclipsit Corporation (
– Best Photo Program or Utility – ThumbBuddy by Lincoln Beach Software (
– Best Application Using .NET – SourceGear Vault by SourceGear, LLC. (
– Best Utility Using .Net – FILEhand Search by Filehand, LLC. (
– Best Sound Program or Utility – Blaze Media Pro by Mystik Media (
– Best Vertical Market Program or Utility – Help and Manual by EC Software (
– Best Business Application or Utility – InnoSetup by Jordan Russell (
– Best Educational Program or Game – Cherokee Trails by Pharos Games (
– Best Hobby or Personal Interest Program – Word Search Construction Kit by Insight Software Solutions, Inc. (
– Best Internet Enhancement or Utility – FeedDemon by Bradbury Software (
– Best Internet Communication – Trillian by Cerulean Studios (
– Best Web Enhancement or Utility – The Bat! by RITLABS (
– Best Non-Action Game – Jig Jag! Gold by JigJag Ltd. UK (
– Best Action/Arcade Game – Snood by Word of Mouse Games (
– Best Program or Utility for PDAs – TealDoc by Teal Point Software (

The SIAF Board of Directors presented the award for Lifetime Achievement to Paris Karahalios of TRIUS, Inc. for his accomplishments and service to the industry since 1986. The SIAF People’s Choice Awards were also presented during the banquet. These awards are voted on by the public at Internet download sites like CNET, Simtel, Tucows, and the Web sites of hundreds of software developers. Jean-Guy Ducreux, Chris Thornton, and CNET Networks were inducted into the
Shareware Hall of Fame.

The Shareware Industry Awards Foundation is a non-profit corporation that was created in 1991 for the purpose of hosting the annual Shareware Industry Conference. The SIC is attended by software developers, e-commerce providers, vendors, and others involved in the shareware industry from around the world. The conference features educational sessions on a wide range of topics of interest to software developers including marketing, Web site design, press releases, and
more. The conference is sponsored by a number of companies both large and small.

  1. Michael says:

    What shareware program would you recommend to the public?

  2. John C. Dvorak says:

    I’ll look these over and put together a recommended list. Most look pretty good.

  3. Paul Stephen says:

    I was kind of surprised at the same titles winning again too.

    I am a great FAN of “The Bat” and don’t think it gets enough “respect” in the glossies. I use it religiously. Maybe it doesn’t look as “glitzy” as other Windows email packages but it is very easy to use, has many desirable features and isn’t prone to those virus attacks that hit Outlook Express users.

    Total Commander is another real winner — slthough it’s not on the SIA list. The addition of “tabs” in its latest revision makes moving between folders a breeze. IMO it is much easier to use this “DOS-like” Norton Commander clone than drag and drop file management programs. I often “drop” files into the wrong folder using these programs and then have to go hunting for them.

    Another little utility program, File-Ex 3 from Cottonwood Software really saves time with those Open/Save Dialog Boxes. Unfortunately it doesn not work well with Corel software and so I use XFilesDialog when I’m working extensively with that software.

  4. Paul Stephen says:

    I “said it” and all for naught. My post disappeared into the vapour of the Net.

  5. Bill Welch says:

    John I love both your columns in PCMag & never miss them. My question has to do with surround sound. My wife hates wires running all over the rec. room or any room for that matter. To keep peace I’ve had to disconnect my surround sound. I really enjoy the effects & would like to find a wireless solution. I’ve not been able to find anything satisfactory. Is there any possibility that wi-fi would solve this problem.

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