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We the Media…would anyone believe that it was one of the Dvorak Uncensored members that managed to get this post (below) on Slashdot with 5 stars! Not possible. This is so sick and and contemptable. EVERYONE knows that “omg” should be all CAPS!!

Blogs are going to change the world. Example:

OLD, TIRED MEDIA: “The Associated Press reported that Saddam Hussein was captured yesterday by American forces.”

NEW, EXCITING MEDIA: “omg like kos reported that he saw on chris’s blog that john trackbacked to mike’s journal where he read about bob’s girlfriend’s brother’s cousin who was like watching Fox News (fair and balanced my ass! lol) and they said something about saddam i dunno current music: brittney cleary – im me current mood: corpulent”

Notice the synergy of information and the ease by which information propagates throughout the blogosphere.

This all refers to Dan Gillmor’s new book, We the Media, where Dan promotes the fantasy that bloggers are going to take over the world. Things are changing for the better since bloggers will be the boss! This is a notion he actually helped to invent and it gets him a lot of speaking gigs all over the world. He lists all of them on his blog (between never-ending plugs for his book), then tells us about the speeches afterwards, then gets invited to more speeches. Now he can sell this book (cash only) at the speeches. I admire him. He’s a much better promoter than me, and I’m pretty good.

  1. Dan Gillmor says:

    Bloggers take over the world? Definitely a fantasy. Not mine, though…

    I love the cartoon and the Slashdot item.

  2. John C. Dvorak says:

    I’ve got a million of them…

  3. James Dermitt says:

    The blog has to compete with the blurb. Then you have the sublogs and the subblurbs. Doesn’t Chevy sell a Subblurban, that’s a big SUV .

  4. James Dermitt says:

    I just noticed the The Great Google Ad Test, over on the left. I got thinking about this Google evaluation bot, so maybe I’ll do some research. It seems like what keeps making Google better are the users who contribute to its success. Bots are getting more credit than people are for advancing technology. You got adbots, newsbots, hotbots, coldbots even chatbots and on and on. That person you were chatting with might of been a bot! The Open Directory is the most widely distributed data base of Web content classified by humans. Does DMOZ use bots?


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