While researching the t-shirt story I came across this interesting item.

Buford woman to keep diary for Georgia GOP delegation

The 70-year-old Buford woman knows many people her age don’t even know what a blog is, but Chambers this week will put her computer skills to use, getting in on the action at the Republican National Convention.

Laptop, digital camera, ready to rock!

Here’s a direct link to her GOP blog. You’ll be glad to see that at any age and whether Democrat or GOP all the bloggers want to party! The new media is a lot like the old media in that regard, seems to me.

This will be the first national convention for some of us in the delegation, so we are especially excited about everything to come. Our members are also looking forward to the social events and entertainment which is planned for us in New York during the convention “off hours.”

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. New York, look out for Bettye!

  1. Ed Campbell says:

    Have I mentioned the question on the “Bob & Tom Show”, last Friday — will the Republicans only be patronizing pro-life hookers?


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