The Chuck Currie Blog is highly critical of the President and his tactics. From what I can tell this guy is as “born again” as anyone from the religious right. This post is an example. I’m wondering how many of these folks exist. I’m of the impression that the peer group pressure on the Bush side of the aisle has made all but a few clam up. The very religious folks in this country are not a unified voting block of robots who cannot think for themselves as many observers tend to believe. People talk God and Country and vote on the economy.

  1. Ed Campbell says:

    Most Christians, I know, are anti-Born Again Christians. For religious and philosophical reasons. The Born Again crowd gets my contempt because, generally, they go to the head of the class for ignorance and hypocrisy. They’re not alone up there; just working harder at it, than most.

  2. Mike Voice says:

    “Was this why so many college professors did not believe that Stalin was really a bad guy?”


    Where did that factoid come from?

  3. Mike Voice says:

    “I have noticed that politics and religion seem to address a part of the brain not involved in intelligence.”

    So have I.

  4. DBupp says:

    Please the comment/joke? about the politics and religion using part of the brain not involved in intelligence deflects the original intent of Mr Dvorak’s, namely that “religious” people don’t vote all the same. Being involved in Software engineering I know several who identify themselves as born again (including myself) ranging from the son of a noble prize recipient to, well myself at the bottom. The stupidity is that there are people on all sides of political issues who think only they care about people and their way is best. More then a few times I’ve had my co-workers mistakenly think I am liberal because I’ve started ministries in poor neighborhoods and worked with various charities. I know both liberals and conservatives who put action behind their compassion. and I found those who think they are most compassionate often are the least. My faith in Christ tells me I’m to personally love my neighbor. I know others who literally tell the government should do what I’m doing. My personal belief is that government must categorize people and only help certain groups regardless of whether the help offered really helps them.
    Let’s debate those issues, defend beliefs and theories as appropriate, but not attack blindly.

  5. Rob Storbeck says:

    I guess I can tolerate people who are “born again” who actually have changed their lives or others’ lives, for the better. However, that does not make them extra special and they don’t need to shove their “life change” in everyone’s face.


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