Tipping point? Or toppling point?

Apple rolls out it’s new iMAC and immediately it looks like the company wants to do things differently. To me it looks top heavy and wants to evolve into a tablet PC.


via 10CC: “As I thought…but this direction leads to Tablets. As they were ‘private showing’ SketchPro and Inkwell off at SIGGRAPH, I heard.”

  1. Mike Voice says:

    Tablet? I was initially skeptical, because I’ve been looking at the 20-inch version 🙂 – but a 12/14/15-inch screen would be workable, like is currently on the iBook/Powerbook

    I was more excited to read a review, which stated this is proof Apple has solved how to get the G5 in a slim (laptop) enclosure – which they had recently stated was “a ways off”, due to cooling requirements.

    I was disappointed to see only Firewire-400 – and not Firewire-800 – since I would want a fast external drive. But it is the consumer model, and they need to differentiate from the tower/dektop “Pro” line.

  2. Zon says:

    Its an iMac.
    To do work with.
    To be creative with.

    Pen computing ?

    Same as with OS/2 and DR DOS…………

  3. Mike Voice says:


    That “DeSoto” comment of yours, in your MarketWatch column, sure got the “faithful” riled-up. 🙂

    As an example:

    You go, girl! And keep on “kicking those ant piles”.

  4. GFahey says:

    John, just read your “Tipping Point or Sticking Point?” column in the latest PC Magazine.
    Maybe this isn’t the correct forum for this post but, on second thought, maybe it is.
    I have been a PC user since Windows 3.1. I’ve heard all the MacHeds praise their machines but, I never bought the line. The comparison of VHS to BetaMax is akin to the “more software” argument for Windows to the “runs better” argument for Macs.
    I won a G5 Mac this past May with a 23″ Cinema Display. I also have an Alienware with 4 hard drives, XP Pro/Mandrake 10.0 dual boot. I use all 3 OS’s.
    As one of the fortunate ones that ALWAYS gets asked to help friends, family and friends of friends’ families get out of troubles with their Windows machines I can tell you that it is getting bad. Most users don’t really know how to protect themselves from adware, spyware and Active X scripts that are polluting the web big time lately. Browser hijackers seem to be THE thing now. Try telling a newbiw how to rid their computer of the ‘ROINGS’ or other hijackers. You might as well discuss organic chemistry with them. Now, of course, you or I know how to protect ourselves. I do. However, it is becoming a part time job just to keep crap off my XP machine. I use Firefox more and more but, as a web designer/graphics guy, I HAVE to use IE6 too. It’s becoming a freakin’ nightmare.
    With the Mac ( you knew this was coming ), surfing the web is like soaring down the Autobahn in a Mercedes Benz 500. Everything goes as it should. I have to tell you as one who hasn’t spent a dime on Mac’s ( having won it ), it is by far superior. I actually spend time working on the Mac whereas the XP machine has become like my first car, a 65 Chevy SS Malibu. Although it is fast and has more horsepower, I am always under the hood getting my hands dirty.
    I always get questions from people asking my advice. After spending WAAAAAY too much time fixing the crap that finds it’s way on to unsuspecting Windows users computers, I have now started to recommend Macs. Sure, I use my XP box for design work and Photoshop work ( until I get a nice CRT for the Mac ). Sure, I love Linux ( more of a hobby than anything else ). I love XP ( sort of ). But, Mac OSX shines in comparison.
    Am I a “switcher”? Well, I like using both but I find using Mac OSX to be as computing SHOULD be. And thus, here is the problem:
    Windows’ touting their “more software” mantra has become complacent. Sure, I’d bet there are THOUSANDS of software products for adware, spyware, browser hijackers, registry fixers and more. There are NONE of the Mac because it doesn’t NEED them! I suppose it’s come down to whether you’d prefer to drive in traffic bumper to bumper on a busy highway crowded with billboards, smog and noise whilst ensconced in your rolled-up windows auto that is like everyone else’s. Or, drive on a nice winding road in a convertible breathing fresh air and enjoying the peace. That’s how I see Windows and Macs now.


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