eBay item 3839925186 (Ends Sep-23-04 12:38:01 PDT) – RARE 1961 IBM 72 SELECTRIC TYPEWRITER GREAT FOR FORGING
old junker

Oh, puh-leeze!! Rare?? Here’s a creative way to get rid of old junk.


  1. eBay’s definition:

    rare adj. Unable to be purchased at Target, Walgreens, or Wal-Mart.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Yes, this is the one CBS should have used to forge their documents. So to give your forged documents that original look use the original equipment. All you need is some old typing paper to give your forged documents that unique original professional look!”


  3. K B says:

    Damn. There’s the IBM keyboard I wrote about in an earlier post. Any way I can have it modified with a USB port?

    Currently, the high bidder is bush4pres04. I notice that he signed up on August 4 and has used the same ID since August 4. What’s up his sleeve? The page counter currently reads 43,469 (!), and the Q&A section lists nationwide coverage of the page by Paul Harvey, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, “numerous blogs,” etc.
    P.S. Please do not refer to Selectrics again as “old junk.” It hurts my feelings.

  4. Mike Cannali says:

    Every Night Rather profiles a deceased soldier with the undelying message that they died in vain. See

  5. John Ryle says:

    Wow, you mean someone actually protests the war in Iraq in America? The view from abroad is that people there, at least in regard to this issue, seem largely suspended in webs of deception they themselves have spun. If Rather is protesting on TV, then kudos to him, I say.

    Having said that, I was an early supporter of the war–I thought it would make a better world, not just for Americans but also for Iraqis. Now I see that it was a mistake, or at least that it has been very badly handled.

    How many more soldiers dying and foreign civilians being beheaded will it take to convince the majority of Americans that things are really going badly in Iraq. Maybe only a new president, one untainted by blind arrogance and ignorance in the eyes of our European allies, will be able to get more countries on board to sort out the mess in Iraq. Bush is a blind alley, and America can’t go four more years as a virtual pariah state.

  6. TomLaurelD says:

    My wife had one of these typewriters, She bought it reconditioned from sears. she came close to locking the rascal up but she never did. I made the mistake of putting it away out in the garage and the wire rusted in two. Stupid move on my part.
    The IBM man used to love to come over to our home and work on it.
    We had the only hippie home in Kentucky with an IBM Selectric.

    It was a great piece of technology.

  7. On the off chance that you’re not joking, John: Yes, there are protests against the Iraq War in this country every minute of every day. You can’t turn on the news without seeing a story about it. The sheer monotony of it all, of course, leads to boredom with it.

    If Rather is protesting on TV, he’s completely disassociated himself from journalistic ethics and should be shifted over to some Sunday morning talking heads opinion show. He won’t be, though. He’s too well loved by a media tilted so far in one direction that they’d attempt a stunt like this, anyway.


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