MSIE user?

I couldn’t resist taking this post from a thread on the PC Magazine forum about my column on Firefox. List developed and posted by B-nadolson. Any additional gags welcome!!

People that know how to use the internet effectively and computers effectively are the ones most likely to use Mozilla/FireFox/Opera.


1. If your email address is listed on your business cards as “www.joesmith@yahoo.com”, you might be an IE user.

2. If you actually think you will get $50 for “punching the monkey.”

3. When someone tells you to restart your computer and you turn the monitor off and back on, you just might be an IE user.

4. If someone tells you to go to “www.whatever.com” so you go to Google and search for it, you are probably an IE user.

5. If someone tells you you need a firewall and so you go to the store and buy Norton firewall in a box for $70, you might just possibly be an IE user.

6. When you get a popup ad showing a Windows-like warning and you think it is a Windows warning box, you might be an IE user.

7. If you web browser has 8 search bars and you don’t even know how they got there, you might be an IE user.

8. If you get pop-up ads and you aren’t even using the Internet, you just might possibly be an IE user.

9. If you have mysterious charges on your card because you received an email from “E-Bay” saying your account would be suspended if you didn’t update your credit card information by clicking “this link”, you must be an IE user.

10. If, while reading this list, you are receiving the message “NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM will shut down in 60 seconds”, you might be an IE user.

  1. K B says:

    I’m amazed that no one has responded to this one, so I will: It is HILARIOUS precisely because it is true without any exaggeration at all.

  2. "-" says:

    Well, I didn’t respond because it’s funny and shareable, but what can you say about something that’s – well – pretty true and accurate.

    On the money.

    URL email: “-“

  3. Steve N says:

    You might be an IE user if at work they don’t let you use anything else. You are probably not an IE user (nor a computer user at all) if you mandate your employees use IE.

  4. K B says:

    You might be an IE user if you tell a Best Buy salesman that you want to buy a computer “with the internet already on it.”

    You might be an IE user if you give in to the Best Buy salesman’s pitch for an extended service plan.

    You might be an IE user if you miss Packard-Bell.

    You might be an IE user if you think it was sweet of Microsoft to bundle IE with Windows.

  5. Alex Juno says:

    HAHAHA ! Love it…

  6. Fred says:

    If your computer is full of spywares and you don’t even know what spywares are, you ARE an IE user.

  7. K B says:

    You might be an IE user if you can’t find the “ANY” key.

  8. Scott Mace says:

    All props to Jeff Foxworthy of “you might be a redneck” fame who did it first, sort of.

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  10. порно says:


    порно …

  11. Giant Nerd says:

    Typo in #7. “you” should be “your”


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