Bush memo font study This is the most incredible document, but still does not convince me. It’s the superscript “th” that kills credibility. The author glosses it over saying it was possible but never cites a single Selectric Ball that matches the font and has a “th” character. Furthermore if the document was written on an IBM Executive, which does have proportional spacing, then which model has a “th?” I have one in the basement and it doesn’t have this character. And taking into account that this is apparently a copy of a copy, then how can this “typewriter wear” analysis have any meaning? Finally, Dan Rather interviewed the woman who wrote the memo and she denied that this was anything she ever produced. She also said the content was valid, it’s just that she didn’t type such a memo. With issues like offshoring and the expense of the Iraq war the Democrats are into nit-picking. Worse, it’s who-cares and useless nit-picking. Geez, what is wrong with these people?

  1. Anonymously says:

    “Finally, Dan Rather interviewed the woman who wrote the memo and she denied that this was anything she ever produced. ”

    Quick point: She was the woman who regularly typed up memos for Killian, but I don’t believe anyone is claiming that she typed this particular memo. That is, there remains the possibility that he typed it himself.

    Her statements would be more damning to the legitimacy of the memos than they already are if it were the case as Dvorak wrote.

    In any case, I don’t know why Dvorak is picking on Democrats at this point. Who is this guy that did this study? I’m up on all the leftwing blogs, and nobody is talking about this study AFAIK. Moreover, the rightwing blogs are still calling for Rather’s head even though the substance of the memos is looking to be quite (“rather”?) accurate.

    I agree that there are far more important issues (and somewhat more important issues such as Bush’s National Guard service) that can be discussed. The focus on the veracity of the memos is yet another “orange alert” to distract people from legitimate issues.

  2. Thomas says:

    Let’s face it, the memo is a bold faced forgery. The terminology used is wrong. The type face is wrong. The dates are wrong. The timing of the memo’s “discovery” is questionable and the woman who regularly wrote memos and wrote them for Killian says it’s bogus. In my mind, there is no question that the memos are fake.

    Ok, the content is real: Bush was a loser in the Guard. We knew that four years ago and when he ran for governor of Texas and we know it now…again.

    It’s not like Bush has put his time in the Guard at the forefront of his campaign. The Bush administration has cooly stated that Bush served and was honorably discharged. That’s it. Aside from the fact that Bush was a loser in the Guard, it was 20+ years ago. People change. Had Kerry not put his Vietnam duty at the forefront of his campaign it is likely that he would not have received nearly as much heat about it.

    Let’s also be clear that the right has wanted Rather’s head since Vietnam. In the case of the memo, Rather tried to pass off a forgery to help bolster his story. As if that isn’t bad enough, he then tried to cover it up initially. The only real question that should come from this is whether he has done this before in the past.

    In terms of the election, it high time everyone moved past the two candidate’s records and focus on the direction they want to lead the country in the next four years.

  3. David says:

    You do not have to look hard to see the utterly false nature of these documents. Go here http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=12526 aand you will see that with default Word setting, he reproduced the document EXACTLY!. Now what are the chances that two documents created 30 years apart on vastly different apparatuses be exactly alike? I would venture to say very, very, very, small. So let’s say that type of evidence does not persuade you and you are the type that needs hard evidence. No problem. Go to Dr. Newcomer’s analysis for more technical details than you will ever bother to get through. http://homepage.mac.com/cfj/newcomer/index.htm
    CBS has to stop the charade and admit the documents are forgeries! Anything short of that is inexcusable from the the fourth estate.


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