Clusty the Clustering Engine — There will be a lot of new search engines promoted over the next year or two, all because of the IPO success of Google. This one has potential although it already is behind in its catalog from the few searches I tried. Dvorak Uncensored, for example, still seems off the radar despite being online nearly three months. But it does things differently enough to be moderately interesting. Comments welcome. I’ll temporarily put it on the Dvorak Portal

Tips from the PR guy:

1- If you get a chance, do a city search and check out the multimedia types that come up. The site crawls wikipedia and other sites to gather data on a specific city.

2) Pay close attention to the folders on the left. This is the main benefit of clustering technology as it groups results in subject folders to help people find things faster and see things they might have missed among ranked results.

3) Try the customize tab on the far right and select your sources. You can cluster encyclopedia, blogs (it meta-searches blog engines which are slow and may cause a slight delay), gossip, etc.

  1. Anonymously says:

    There’s a “cluster f*ck” joke waiting to happen.


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