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Bin Laden is in China

During the home stretch of the Northamerican elections, Osama bin Laden could prove to be the ace in the sleeve of president Bush. As we speak, Washington is negotiating a highly secretive agreement with Beijing, the Chinese capital, for the eviction of bin Laden from his sanctuary in the turbulent Muslim provinces of China, in the Northwest of the Great Wall nation.

More than five million people, many of them fanatic followers of Osama, live in that region, which can be called one of the most volatile regions of Earth. Thousands of them work for the mafias who specialize in the trafficking of humans and drugs to the West. Last summer, Bin Laden sealed an agreement with the authorities in Beijing, in which he was granted asylum in return for his guarantees that the guerilla war of the Muslim Chinese against the Chinese nation would end.

Over the years, tens of thousands of troops of the Popular Liberation Armee had been sent to the region with the intent to squash the insurgents.

Since the arrival of the Saudi Osama Bin Laden, the region has been relatively quiet, and the Muslims who live there are allowed to continue their trafficking of humans and drugs.

However, Bin Laden could now see himself trapped in his refuge, if an extraordinary agreement between Beijing and Washington would come to pass, in which China would hand over to the United States the most wanted terrorist in the world.

The problem I have with this story is that the Chinese generally don’t do these sorts of deals with someone like Bin Laden. They’d put him in front of a firing squad. But let’s assume it’s possible and Bush knows about it. The authors of this tale would have you believe that this is the October surprise designed to get Bush re-elected. But is it possible that, if true, it would risk ending the war on terror and making people think, “Finally! Now we don’t need Bush anymore. Let’s vote for Kerry and get our jobs back!” It’s a risky business. Personally, I think Bin Laden is dead.

  1. Ed Campbell says:

    This is especially unlikely in view of the Chinese view of drugs. They shoot drug dealers to make the point. Most Westerners never heard of the Opium Wars — and if they did, wouldn’t realize they were fought against the Brits who forced farmers usually growing food crops to grow opium instead.

  2. Why even bother with flagging up this grand conspiracy theory? October Surprise, itself, was a grand conspiracy theory, that with the passage of time, and constant repetition, has become “fact”.

    Tons of fluff like this all over, read the Middle Eastern newspapers, they say the Twin Towers where actually brought down by a cabal of Trilaterialist, Council on Foreign Relations Jewish Bankers in cohorts with the Bush Admin. all for the purposes of providing them with an excuse to start a war against Islam; it was all a self-inflicted wound as a justification for a new “Crusade”. I mean come on. The problem is the American Left picks up on these lunatic elements and mixes them all in, from Karl Rove was really behind the CBS documents, to microphones in Bush’s ear, to wondering if, in fact, 9/11 was really Jewish in origin, to a now, Osama in China story. I think the Left’s irrational hate for Bush, blinds them into drinking any lucid dreaming conspiracy theory that comes down the slide, so long as it fits into their worldview.

    Thankfully, tons of blogs to stir up the pot eternally. Gads. Everyone entitled to their own opinion, equal weight to all? No. You have to be rational, or at least touching terra-firma. 😉


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