vote or die

Here’s a unique sign I found plastered all over Manhattan. An interesting way to get out the vote, I’d say!

This picture is part of a longer photo essay running later today on where I covered last weeks Digital Life show.

  1. Good to see intellectual discussion entering into the presidential campaign, isn’t it?

    I have to agree with Parker and Stone — if you don’t know a damned thing about the candidates and their positions, you shouldn’t vote. Of course, that means that in P. Diddy’s estimation, you should die.

    MTV just killed off 90% of its audience. The ratings for LAGUNA BEACH are going to sag now, for sure.

  2. John Starks says:

    I actually think that dumb people shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Supporting a war for oil is dumb. The richest nation on Earth not providing for all of its citizens’ health care is dumb. A father of a lesbian discriminating against his daughter’s right to marry who she wants is dumb. So it stands to reason that anyone who would vote in support of those principles is dumb, and they shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    Also, Vote or Die is pretty literal and straightforward for lots of the young people MTV/Puffy are trying to reach: Elect Bush, more needless wars lead to drafts, and you will be drafted to go fight and die against your will. Vote for Kerry and you’ll have a better chance at winning. Don’t vote at all, and the odds increase in the incumbant’s favor, ergo you’re more likely to die. Makes sense to me.

  3. New says:

    Hey Mr John Starks, good post!

    Regards from Germany 🙂


  4. zxevil164 says:

    qVK0U6 Cool, bro!

  5. я вам пишу, чего же боле?


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