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Thoughts on the Boston Red Sox

I was so sick of talk about the curse of the Bambino that this victory was something I was happy to see. Now we don’t have to listen to that crap any more. There was no curse. There were just teams that didn’t win who were looking for an excuse. What a crummy excuse. Blame Babe Ruth. Now that’s over. It was going to be an obvious sweep too. I’m in the Oakland area and have watched LaRussa manage when he was with the Oakland A’s. Somehow his fears soak into the team. He’s a vegan and doesn’t eat any meat. He freaks out and his teams either sweep or are swept. The fact that they went 7 games with Houston was a breakthrough. In the World Series the poor guy has lost 8 in a row!! Back to back sweeps. This mediocre effort in the last game of the World Series was pathetic. A shut-out. The lunar eclipse set the stage. This was Boston’s year, even the crazy Pedro Martinez comments about the Yankees being “his Daddy” has now encouraged sports fans around the country to chant “who’s your daddy?” at various events. Wow. Talk about something catching on fast. Boston was destined this year and probably should have won last year too. Congrats.

  1. Estatic. But not as much as if we can forever banish the Billy Goat Curse. 🙂 Then I’d been on Cloud Nine for a lifetime…

  2. David Smith says:

    Hmmm, maybe they just passed the curse on to the Cards!

  3. Boston took advantage of the Cardinals’ weakness (starting pitching) , and the Cardinals didn’t take advantage of Boston’s weaknesses (terrible defense, weak pitching behind Schilling and Martinez and the probability that Schilling wouldn’t be able to pitch twice).

    I’m in St. Louis, and this really took the wind out of St. Louis’ sails. But I really think the Cardinals were probably one starting pitcher away from being able to win it. Most championship teams have one pitcher who’s a virtual lock to win two games if you can get the ball to him twice, and the Cardinals didn’t have that.


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