| Dutch may have met Hobbits (October 29, 2004) I’m sure everyone is now familiar with the discovery of these strange small people. Or at least their heads. It gets weirder.

“There are lots of local folk tales in Flores about these people, which are consistent and incredibly detailed.

“The stories suggest there may be more than a grain of truth to the idea that they were still living on Flores up until the Dutch arrived in the 1500s.”

Associate Professor Mike Morwood said he now wanted to start excavating on neighbouring islands to Flores such as Sulawesi, Lombok, Timor and Java.

Since nobody else has done it, let me make this suggestion: aliens.



  1. Ed Campbell says:

    Nice to see a straight-ahead piece of science journalism. If you saw the AP article on the same topic, you’d have nightmares about how many species were actually raped, murdered and eaten by homo sapiens.


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