One view of Qatar, No Camels here.

US asked Qatar to stop airing of bin Laden tape — Another story ignored by US Media. If we can’t censor here, we’ll do it elsewhere. Or try.

Washington, October 30: The US government asked the government of Qatar to stop al Jazeera from broadcasting the latest Osama bin Laden tape after receiving a copy of the tape before it aired, a US official said on Friday.

The US State Department official, who asked not to be named, voiced US dismay that al Jazeera broadcast the tape, saying it had allowed the architect of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks to “propagate his message of hate and violence.

  1. Mike Voice says:

    Speaking out four days before the US presidential election, Bin Laden issued his first video tape in more than a year to deride US President George W. Bush and to raise the possibility of new Sept. 11-style attacks.

    October surprise?

    If you can’t capture or kill him, the next best thing is to have him threaten everyone!

    This “endorsement” should give Bush a nice jump in the polls.

  2. Paddy Mullen says:

    I am torn on this one, being a libertarian I don’t like censorship, but you can’t yell fire in a movie theater. This is also a war period, and I don’t think that we should actively help the enemy. If we are going to fight the war on terrorism, we need to do it right and make it more dificult for terrorists to recruit people. If the administration doesn’t want tapes about Al-Queda getting out, bomb the people who play them. Al-Jazeera has consistently acted as mouthpiece for terrosists, and we should therefore treat them as the enemy.

    Unless we are going to remove all of our foreign interests (Isreael, Saudi Arabia…) we need to fight the war. No half way war, it didn’t work in Vietnam, WW1, or Korea. If we are going to fight terrorism, we should go all the way.


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