ass grab
Geez, You’re on TV Andrew!!!

Weird end of the season for Bill Maher who witnessed his own trainwreck of a show. It finished with uber-blogger Andrew Sullivan massaging his own ass for what seemed like an eternity during the credit roll. (pictured). I’m thinking to myself, “Ewww….Sullivan, get a grip!” just as I realized that was exactly what he was doing.

If you can find any way to catch this show during the week of reruns on HBO you’ll see a rarely concilliatory Maher get skewered for no apparent reason throughout the show. It must have been a nightmare to interview Alan Simpson, for example. Simpson took everything wrong. Maher must have been beside himself. Quite interesting. Then Andrew Sullivan laid into Maher too. Sullivan, a favorite of Mahers then went on at the end of the show to grab his own butt and squeeze it through much of the credit roll. Weird, weird show. Great for parties.

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