Immigrant plan revived – The Washington Times: Nation/Politics – November 22, 2004

SANTIAGO, Chile — President Bush assured Mexico yesterday that he would expend “political capital” earned in his re-election to push hard to grant guest-worker status to millions of illegal immigrants.

The president said he had “campaigned on this issue” in the election.

  1. Wesley McGee says:

    I would also say he “campaigned on this issue” but using those quotes to denote irony. Same way with his “support for a strong dollar”,and his “committment to lowering the deficit”.

  2. Alan C says:

    I don’t know how much “political capital” you should get with 51% of the vote but guest worker visas is an idea I’ve supported for 20 years, ever since I gained an understanding of how we need theses workers for our economy.

    However, I am TOTALLY AGAINST having these only for Mexicans. They should be available — equally — to all nationalities.

    I think bringing guest workers in from many countries — rather than just one — is much more compatable with the American tradition of the melting pot.

    Bringing in millions from just one country and language goes against that.


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