Yahoo! News – Online Casino Buys Virgin Mary Sandwich for $28,000 — The story that will not die.

MIAMI (Reuters) – An online casino won the eBay bidding for a decade-old cheese sandwich bearing what some people consider a likeness of the Virgin Mary and immediately began hawking Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese T-shirts./blockquote>

via E. Campbell

  1. K B says:

    They made a simple business calculation: The publicity is worth $28,000. Their company’s name will be in every newspaper in the country.
    “We believe that everyone should be able to see it and learn of its mystical power for themselves,” Rowe said.
    This guy would make a good pastor. 🙂

  2. RonD says:

    I think the miracle is that anyone would pay $28,000 for a sandwich.

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