Photo sent in by the ever-travelling Paul Saffo with this note: “I encountered these machines on a recent trip, and couldn’t help but note that their message says it all. And no, it is not retouched or photoshopped.”

I’m thinking of the Tom Hanks movie, Terminal, where Hanks is told the country is “closed.”

  1. Wild Rabbit says:

    Yes, it is photoshopped. The actual message says “Out of Service”, and has a DHS logo on it. FYI a small lie tends to create a huge mistrust. Other than that it is very funny.

  2. Paul Saffo says:

    Sorry, Rabbit, but you are wrong. As I stated, it is not photoshopped — I took the shot, so I should know. You are welcome to visit the location — in the SFO intl terminal around Gate G93. In addition, John, I will send you another shot of identical kiosks at another airport, also not photoshopped.
    So, Rabbit, next time, get your facts straight before you bless us all with your “expert” opinions.


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