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  1. Gregory Wild-Smith says:

    hheh, I actually live in Brentwood. The whole Nuclear Bunker thing is rather funny 🙂

    A little background : it used to be a government bunker (hidden under a small local farmhouse off the road a way). The area it is in is surround by farmland (between Brentwood and Ongar) so it sort of disapered. No-one knew anything.

    Then about 10 years ago they solid it off and a local farmer bought it. He had wierd maniquins and such in there and conducts tours. Its like a wierd little tourist attraction (hense the brown box – in the uk that means its a place of interest).

    its website is if you want to subject yourself to rather horrible visual design…

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  3. qwene t says:

    veery funny not

  4. Cosco says:

    Ha HA ha ha ha ha ha haa ha ha Real funny

  5. abirami abirami says:



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