this could be a factor

Globetechnology: Hollywood backs Toshiba — Why do I get the feeling that this has more to do with Sony than the technology itself?

TOKYO — Japanese electronics maker Toshiba Corp. is getting support from four Hollywood studios for its next-generation DVD format, which is expected to be used in players, recorders and other products that go on the market late in 2005.

The Toshiba high-definition DVD format is competing against a rival technology called Blu-ray disc, and it is unclear which format will eventually dominate the market.

  1. g quaglia says:

    I suspect it must have something to do with that format being easier to copy protect. I can’t see any other reason why brain dead hollywood would support any format this early in the game.

  2. Mike Voice says:

    The agreements all seem to be “non-exclusive” – so they can put movies out on both formats.

    It would suck to be a studio, and have to pay a small fee – for every copy of a movie you sell – to a competitor (Sony). 🙁

    I think John is right.

    They may not care about the technology, but their first choice would probably not be to give some of their money to Sony.


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