I kind of feel sorry for the poor kid who modelled for this billboard. The rest of it, and the unsubtle meanings, need no comment. The humanity!!

Billboard found in a “red” state.

via P. Saffo

  1. I actually think it’s a nice message to get across, especially because it speaks to the audience that it’s intended for. We disagree on that one, I’m afraid…

  2. N says:

    Wouldn’t that make people NOT want to be engineers? (And besides, who’s going to engineer the next great sex swing?)

  3. g quaglia says:

    Sex is part of growing up. I see nothing wrong with it as long as one knows how to protect himself and his partner. These same people are also probably are opposed to sex ed in school. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

  4. Paddy Mullen says:

    How about I want to be an engineer so I can design more effective condoms. That way I can have sex and be an engineer. Oh, wait, condoms are very effective. So is abortion for that matter.

  5. zombiejesus says:

    yeah, yeah, engineering, no sex and…wait! i can get Newports here?!

    are more lives ruined because of teen sex or narrow marketing of cigarettes?

  6. Paddy Mullen says:

    I am a college student and I normally date other college students or people with goals in life. I haven’t gotten a girl pregnant and don’t plan on it. Because of the type of girls I date though, I think its much more likely that they wouldn’t want to get pregnant in the first place (the pill) and if they did wouldn’t want to keep the child and ruin their life. I don’t date hicks who would say “well shucks, he has a pick up truck he must be rich, ima gonna get me pregnant and I’ll be set for life”.

  7. joe says:

    What’s with all the really old “funny pictures”? Yawn…

  8. K B says:

    “I kind of feel sorry for the poor kid who modelled for this billboard.”

    Well, we can hope that the kid is a professional model and this is just one of his assignments– along with K-Mart, etc. He may be the one having the last laugh. 🙂


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