Here is todays sunset over the San Francisco Golden Gate bridge. Winter has finally hit as the temperature today dropped to a chilly 60-degress midday. Brrrrr. Yes, it gets colder at night with 40 as the low, which is about as cold as it gets. I only mention this because I watched Sunday Night football with the Raiders versus Denver and it was snowing!! You’d think they were in Alberta.

  1. Now, that’s a nice one! Much better than that previous photo.

  2. Bob Ellis says:

    Just wanted to say, GREAT PHOTO. I spend a fair amount of time with photography (hobby) and I appreciate the “eye” you have for composition.

  3. Jack Rickard says:

    Pretty shot. But it’s still in California John. It’s not like back here in “The States”.

  4. MikeR says:

    Snow? No snow here in Central Alberta. Temperatures climb above freezing nearly every day still. Barely need to wear a coat.

  5. Ray Koenig says:

    Absolutely beautiful, was this taken with your digital?

  6. John C. Dvorak says:

    Thanks. I guess I’ll have to shoot a few more sunsets as the sun sets between the bridge spans over the next month.

    Yes, shot digitally with the SD-10 and reduced to fit this page.

  7. Zarggg says:

    I love photographs, especially of clouds. Excellent shot.

  8. Carlos Estevez says:

    Beautiful photo. Entertaining, interesting blog.

    Can you please post or send a larger image?

  9. Carmi Levy says:

    Is there no limit to your skills, Mr. Dvorak? Writing, photography…what else?

    Seriously, great pic. Bob has a point: you captured an amazingly fleeting moment, and did so exceptionally well.

    I have a spare Columbia parka in my closet if the things get too cold for you. I guess a mid-winter visit to my old hometown – Montreal – is out of the question, then.

    Keep ’em coming. The world needs more good tech columnists.


  10. Ed Campbell says:

    John, you’re surrounded by shutterbugs! We had our first “normal” powder snowfall over the weekend and the shapes among the rabbit brush and windblown snow sculptures — on a very small scale — have me trying to remember to bring the camera along on the next dog-walking, today.

    And I agree with everyone else. You caught a lovely moment.

  11. Bill Craft says:

    Any chance of getting a 1600 X 1200 .jpg of this outstanding shot? It would make an excellent desktop wallpaper. It is really beautiful!

  12. John C. Dvorak says:

    i’LL post the wallpaper version (link) tonight..

  13. Guardian says:

    This photo isn’t nice. It shows ugly chemtrails polltuting the U.S.!
    Hm, sadly that many people already think, they would be natural these clouds…


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