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Science & Technology at Scientific American.com: High Stress Levels Linked to Cellular Aging

Stress may take a toll on your health by affecting the strands of DNA on the ends of chromosomes, new research suggests. A report published online today by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences indicates that women with higher psychological stress levels have shorter telomeres, which play an important role in cellular aging. What is more, the difference between stressed study participants and the control group was equivalent to nearly a decade of additional aging.

Telomeres, chromosomal caps that promote genetic stability, naturally shorten with each cellular replication: shorter telomeres are associated with greater biological age. In the new work, Elissa S. Epel of the University of California at San Francisco and her colleagues studied healthy premenopausal women to investigate the link between psychological stress and telomere shortening.

  1. Wesley Allen says:

    So THAT’s why I’m all wrinkley… not because I’m getting old or anything. … … *sigh*


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