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Scotsman.com News – Latest News – UN Sex Abuse Scandal Gathers Momentum This story, which apparently has been simmering for years is now boiling over.

Linked in the past to sex crimes in East Timor, and prostitution in Cambodia and Kosovo, UN peacekeepers have now been accused of sexually abusing the very population they were deployed to protect in Congo.

And while the 150 allegations of rape, pedophelia and solicitation in Congo may be the UN’s worst sex scandal in years, chronic problems almost guarantee that few of the suspects will face serious punishment.

The problem is simple: The UN often implores nations to discipline their peacekeepers, but it has little power to enforce the rules.

And when nations are reluctant anyway to contribute soldiers for dangerous missions like Congo, it’s tough to turn the tables and shame them publicly.

and get this…

While thousands of UN peacekeepers have served without incident, some have been accused of smuggling weapons and exotic animals, selling fuel on the black market, vandalising aeroplanes, and standing by while mobs looted storefronts – if they didn’t join in the chaos themselves.

Other times their inaction led to even more grievous crimes, as when Dutch peacekeepers under a UN mandate didn’t stop Bosnian troops in the enclave of Srebrenica from loading Muslim men onto buses and taking them away to be killed.

That failure led the entire Dutch government to resign. It brought expressions of remorse at the UN, but no firings.

Isn’t the baby blue helmut something of a giveaway here??

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  1. yorkpaddy says:

    Stop or i’ll tell you to stop again.
    Or maybe i’ll rape your chlideren.

    The UN is so meaningless. I bet they don’t want to prosecute the guilty soldiers because there isn’t an “international consensus” that rape is wrong.

  2. Chris Jennings says:

    The UN is only as meaningless as the member countries make it. If people keep on saying:

    “The UN is worthless”
    “I hate the UN”
    “Why do we bother having the UN they are a toothless tiger”

    Then we are the only ones to blame. We are the UN, if we don’t like it then we must pressure our governments to change.

    Unfortunately, like most political organisations, the UN is going to always be corrupted by lies, greed and self serving individuals because it is human nature.

  3. yorkpaddy says:

    The UN suffers, from the tradgedy of the commons. Everyone wants to use it, but no one wants to pay for it. Thus the resource becomes worthless. The tradgedy of the commons is why communism doesn’t work.

  4. Bald Eagle says:

    The UN is a lame duck. But, we need something that fulfills that purpose.

    Mr. Jennings is right in that an organization such as the UN is only as good as the countries making it up make it. I was really upset when Bush went around them, because it only further weakened them. On the other hand, it was really was very useful, because it removed all doubt about the usefulness of the United Nations.

    Will t ever become what it is supposed to be?

  5. danile smithson says:

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  6. who is this says:

    this is AKON???!!!


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