Middle name, Hubbs. Did what he had to do?

D Magazine : The Front Burner

I think I know who it is: Chief Justice William Rehnquist…..

Woodward has always said that he and Bernstein and Ben Bradlee won’t ever reveal til he’s dead. We’re now told Deep Throat is quite “ill” and Bradlee says the obit’s already written.

Woodward describes between himself & Deep Throat in the book “All The President’s Men” took place on weekends, presumably a time when Rehnquist’s duties to the Court would not interfere. Not only that, but the somewhat cryptic, elliptical, low-key style of speaking that Woodward attributes to Deep Throat in the book (and so memorably recreated in the movie by Hal Holbrook) eerily mirrors the manner in which Rehnquist speaks in real life.

Woodward, incidentally, had unprecedented access to the Supreme Court for his best-selling 1975 book, “The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court”

Crazy, but now makes sense.

  1. Jim says:

    Écoutent deux qualifications de William Rehnquist légal de discussion de disciples pour être le juge en chef
    Le journaliste Stephen Engelberg de temps de New York a décrit Rehnquist comme “un juriste conservateur dont a poli des avis ont gagné le respect mesquin même de ceux qui s’opposent à ses vues.”

  2. K B says:

    “Rehnquist Wasn’t Deep Throat”


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