Porn snowman after melting News – Scotland – Snowball victims bombard police — Can you imagine calling the cops because you got hit by a snowball? I thought the Scots were tough.

One call to police was simply to complain about an “indecent snowman” which jokers had built complete with private parts. Police today urged people to think twice before ringing the force about such minor matters.

Officers have received a string of calls about pedestrians and cars being hit by snowballs, often thrown by gangs of youngsters.

via E. Campbell

  1. Dave Pearson says:

    They get snow once in a lifetime and go nuts.

    You’ve never been to Scotland have you?

  2. Ed Campbell says:

    Maybe not much snow in the Lollans; but, a bit North and West, say, of Perth….? I imagine there’s still a ski lift in the Gorms?

    As for Glaswegians? Who needs an excuse to pelt the coppers?


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