And this is from a YEAR ago! | Health experts call for urgent bird flu action — FYI — This season is still continuing. This would kill more people than a slew of A-bombs. Currently, it’s always one person here. two people there. the problem is that if this thing ever cuts loose it goes exponential and nobody can stop it.

An international conference on avian influenza is making an appeal for quick action to prevent a global flu pandemic as Vietnamese officials confirm another man has contracted the deadly virus.

Tests confirmed a 21-year-old man from Thai Binh province had contracted the H5N1 strain of the virus. He was admitted to a hospital Monday with high fever, lung infection, respiratory problems, and liver failure, hospital officials said.

Officials suspect his 14-year-old sister may also have the disease and are waiting for test results.

  1. Jim says:

    The Google ad is pitching Srange but True Info.
    The Google ads may be the strangest thing here and the least truthful. What an irony. The other ad says Beat the bird flu virus. I’ll buy more bullets. I made chicken soup this weekend. I’m all set now, the chicken tastes great.

  2. Hank says:

    I’m old enough to remember the really old folks still talking about the flu epidemics they survived when they were kids. Some families lost ALL their children and all their elderly in one winter.

    And yet… still no cure for the flu. Right?

  3. Constant Reader says:

    See: Subject: – Flu plan laid out in chilling detail
    Flu plan laid out in chilling detail

    It is a long and chilling document. It lists the names of every
    embalming fluid and casket supplier in Canada, discusses mass graves
    and temporary morgues and who should get the small, precious supply of
    drugs that would be available.

    The 400-page report details how the federal government would prepare
    for and respond to an influenza pandemic. When one hits the world most
    experts don’t say “if” anymore health officials estimate it will kill
    58,000 Canadians and hospitalize 138,000 others. Five million more
    will require outpatient care and 10.6 million will be sick enough to
    miss work.

    “It’s infected cats, mice, pigs, people,” said Dr. Donald Low, chief
    microbiologist at Mount Sinai Hospital. “If you’re a betting person,
    you’d have to say this virus is the one we have to be most concerned

    Both Canada and Ontario have developed lengthy plans outlining how and
    what should be done to prepare for a pandemic of this magnitude.

    The federal plan spells out who should get antiviral drugs and
    vaccines if they are in limited supply, guidelines for controlling it
    in hospitals, how health officials will communicate with each other
    and the public, and exactly who will be in charge of each area.

    But experts like Low warn it isn’t enough.

    “Many municipalities probably haven’t even thought of this, let alone
    hospitals and businesses,” he said. “The Toronto Stock Exchange should
    be writing a pandemic influenza plan. They have to continue to have
    people working. How are they going to ensure that? Are they going to
    stockpile drugs for their employees?”

    Pandemics worldwide epidemics occur every 30 to 40 years. The last one

  4. John Hart says:

    There are three things you can do right now to protect yourself and your family against H5N1. I’ve written an ebook that details what they are and exactly what risks are in front of us. A vaccine won’t be available for 12 months, but you can survive without it. I’ve been monitoring H5N1 since last year on my blog, Pathogen Alert. I invite you to visit. I’ve written proprietary bots and I use other sources to gather data on H5N1 which is reported daily.

    John Hart
    Pathogen Alert

  5. Jim says:

    We have some geese from Canada and New Jersey is south for them. It’s warm in Jersey for these geese.

  6. david says:

    John Hart,

    Instead of capitalizing on fear and death, why don’t you try to prevent the virus of infecting millions of people by giving your ebook away for free? If you truly believe that what you’ve written will save lives, then you will have saved millions of lives instead of trying to make millions of dollars in the hope that people will make the decision between buying your ebook and DYING. Mr. Hart, you have no heart. You are just a capitalist pig preying on the weakness of people’s fear of death.

  7. Charles says:

    Will TB masks provide protection?


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