BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Martian gases pose life question — My adivce. If there is life on Mars, leave it there!

An Italian scientist working on the Mars Express probe says gases detected in the planet’s atmosphere may indicate life exists on the Red Planet today.

Vittorio Formisano told a Dutch space conference methane and formaldehyde could signify biological activity.

But the cautious professor, from the Institute of Interplanetary Space Physics in Rome, said only soil analysis on the planet could prove it.

Confirmation came through hard data, not “fantasy”, he told BBC News.

via K. Burel

  1. david says:

    What if years from now we create simple life organisms on Mars that are able to live off the environment. Then a catastrophe kills all living things on Earth. But the Mars organism strives for millions of years evolving and evolving. Four billion years later, there are humans on Mars wondering about the little blue planet with no life on it. They also wonder how they got there. But there are alone in the Universe. Alone again. Naturally?


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