Canada, EU submit list of targeted US imports in dumping dispute — Story developing with all sorts of implications. The Byrd amendment looks good on paper until you see who really benefits. Looks like more looting to me.

In August the WTO allowed the countries to levy retaliatory sanctions equivalent to 72 percent of the Byrd repayments made to US industry.

The EU has estimated that its sanctions would amount to between 40 and 50 million dollars a year, while Japan is targeting 78 million dollars in sanctions.

A European source said the EU would be targeting similar products to those during the steel dispute with the US: textiles, shoes, fruit and vegetables.

The US government said it had not managed to convince the US Congress to revise its anti-dumping legislation, but it is the third time American exporters have faced the threat of officially approved sanctions recently.

US President George W. Bush scrapped temporary tariffs on certain steel imports late last year after the EU gained WTO approval for 2.2 billion dollars in retaliatory sanctions.

anti-dumping info
Byrd Amendment from Euro Perspective
Anti-Byrd site with weird money grab list. For example a couple of candle companies made millions in government aid becuase of supposed dumping from overseas candle makers. So it’s candles we are protecting? You must check out the list.

  1. Ed Campbell says:

    The only thing helped by “protective” tariffs on Canadian lumber are the rapidly increasing profits of American loggers and lumber mills. Bush doesn’t give a damn about inflation and neither does Congress.

    I work in construction and our cost of wood [specifically exterior cedar] has increased 35% in the past year or so. It gets passed along to the consumer, of course.

  2. Jim says:

    American Bridge isn’t even all that American anymore. You got Toyotas from Texas, Hondas from Ohio. We had Volkswagens from Pennsylvania. There wasn’t much security there. If you took all the bourbon distillers out of Kentucky, the UN would throw a wine and cheese party in Manhattan to celebrate. The wine would all be imported. IBM has problems in Asia, but who doesn’t? These multinationals are all full of corrupt people playing global shell games at the expense of the dollar. Then they blame the dollar, which they say is short. Big business is becoming a big joke. This is what the war is all about. Some morons have a two billion dollar contract to supply Iraq with cell phones or new PC’s or something and we are out of armor for the troops. You go to war with the Army you have and not the Army you want to have. You get people killed and maimed, but you can sleep at night. You have no regrets, it’s just business. It’s a dirty business and blood is a big expense. Everybody in Washington is getting a cut of the action. Karl Rove can explain it, you just won’t understand it. I say kill ’em all and let God sort them out. War is slavery with a profit incentive attached. These guys are contract killers. When they run out of people to kill, they’ll start killing each other. Washington plays deadly games. It’s the Devils City, D.C.. The whole place is full of vampires and corporate lawyers looking for deals and distributing payola. Maybe they’ll put Ken Lay in charge of Justice or Commerce, after they get him off. If Jesus showed up in Washington, he’d light the place on fire and Bush and Cheney would sell him the gasoline to make a buck. Haliburton would bring in the fuel and these people would roast smores over the smouldering White House while Bush gave a speech about Iraq. Some jobs are easier than others. Las Vegas is far more honest than Washington.

  3. yorkpaddy says:

    Explain to me why dumping is bad? We get a lot of stuff cheap. How does that hurt me?

  4. Jim says:

    yorkpaddy, Boeing makes a jet. The jet has millions of little parts, when they put it together everything fits together perfectly. The jet costs say 40 million. You buy a Zippo lighter for 20 bucks and the lighter lasts forever. Quality pays for itself. Most of this imported stuff is junk. You can spend $250.00 for a pair of shoes or you can spend $19.99 and your feet hurt and you are flying on some imported low quality jet and all of a sudden the thing is on fire. See Zippo example. You get what you pay for. If you want sore feet, buy junk imported shoes. That’s how it hurts you.

  5. Ed Campbell says:

    Uh, Jim, Boeing isn’t really a great example. Most Boeing jet aircraft, nowadays, are “imported” — if they end up in the US. A great deal of each of those aircraft is being built in Taiwan or China.

    That latest big order Boeing won from the Chinese government requires the construction of aircraft factories in China — for the production of those planes.

  6. Jim says:

    If Boeing starts putting out junk it will fall apart. I doubt China can build a competitive jet airliner. This isn’t like making steam irons or the toy PC’s at Best Circuit. I have to laugh at these politicians who go overseas on trade missions. They get the affluence bug, pass it on to the kids and don’t want to pay their dues. Boeing has paid it’s dues for years, but not in China. If you sell Boeing out, you go to jail. They don’t screw around. USAirways bought Airbuses and they are a screwed company. Again, Boeing doesn’t screw around. China can’t beat Boeing and Boeing doesn’t need China. If you want a disposable lighter, China can supply it, but you can’t beat a Zippo.

  7. Jim says:

    Boeing doesn’t screw around. The CEO is another matter.
    Boeing Co. abruptly forced out its president and chief executive officer, Harry Stonecipher. Passion can be all consuming fire. I guess the guy couldn’t keep his mind on the business at hand. You have to keep your eye on the ball or you might get hit with the ball. Business can be a ball busting activity. Maybe they’ll find government work for this guy or something.


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