Not A Dollarshort: Canada 2.0 — Could happen!

  1. Robert Blanchette says:

    I think the majorityof the people in the red states would be all for it. Maybe the people in the blue states would be happy to become part of Canada too. At least until they got their first tax bill.


  2. Steve says:

    Sounds like a good idea to me, but Miniwillinois? Whither my home state of Michigan? How about we call that middle liberal area Michilliwisota? (Mich-illi-wis-ota).

  3. Lewy says:

    Hey, you forgot Alaska, Canada’s neighbor to the west. We already have close associations with Canada and probably should have joined them instead of the US.

  4. Jim says:

    I doubt Canada would go along with it. They have their own problems up there. Maybe Texas will become a part of Mexico and become the New New Mexico or North Mexico. Mexico might not even want Texas if you paid them to take it.

  5. Tom Buckner says:

    Prince once explained why he stayed in Minneapolis this way: “40 below keeps out the riff-raff.” I does seem like the doody-heads tend to reamin in the warmer climes, until you consider North Korea. All this as a preface to my comment that I’d be much happier among the relative sanity up North if only I didn’t hate the cold! I live in MA, and it’s too cold for me here. If only it was “90 in the shade keeps out the riff-raff.”
    Tell you this, though: high taxes are fine, if you get what you pay for! You don’t see Canadians bankrupted by illness. I guarantee you if people in this country could spend a year under the Canadian medical system (without moving), 90% of them wouldn’t ever want to go back to the way we do it now.

  6. N says:

    It’s interesting actually. Every ten years Quebec votes to get out of Canada and now we have a group of Americans who want to get in.

    Of course we could use the economics of the States more than that of Quebec (but don’t get me started on that).

    Honestly, I, personally, would be glad to have you. But some things that you’ve gotten used to would likely change. Like lawsuits. You don’t see the kind of (often frivilous) lawsuits up here that you do down there. And if you do win the remunerations are tiny comparatively. And yes, the taxes are high here. I personally don’t complain, but you might. Oh, and we’re pacafists and we don’t like guns. I’m not sure if that would mesh even with liberal Americans.

    But hey, I’d be willing to give it a shot!

  7. g quaglia says:

    As a NJ resident I am totally against it! Not everyone here voted for Kerry nor support the liberal left!

  8. Ed Campbell says:

    You don’t see Canadians — do a lot of ignorant things:

    You don’t see the government going bankrupt via fiscal superstition. When the budget vs. income figures were presented before their legislature, this winter, the minister of finance was roundly criticised for having yet another SURPLUS!

    When was the last time you can remember that happening in Congress?

    In Canada you can join the oldest political party in the nation. It’s called the Progressive Conservatives. Though they’re in a silly [and probably short-lived] coalition, right now, with dorks roughly akin to Karl Rove, et al, they are conservatives who also believe in practicing fiscal responsibility, little reliance on military solutions to political quandries, responsible administration of natural wealth and beauty, not kissing the American president’s butt [whoever he may be] and opposing bigotry. In other words, what American conservatives used to be before Nixon and the official adoption of racism as something worth taking away from Democrats as a reliable electoral plank.

    For folks who want the equivalent of the Democrat Party that still thinks working people are the foundation of the economy, there’s the NDP. Probably the crowd I’d join in with. Though, most of my kin are Progressive Conservatives.

    Most of the world rates Canada as a safer, saner, more enjoyable place to live than the “United State of Texas”.

    I agree — it’s just too damned cold! And the warm bits have earthquakes like San Francisco, John. Though, if global warming keeps up — [see, John, we can tie it all together] — my kin up on PEI have an eye on a 100 acre farm that’s been out of the family for a generation or so. The village priest says he’d help me get a deal on it.

    Oh yeah — one final finger in the eye to the twits who think faith-based government is the cat’s pajamas. You’d want to stay away from Canada over that one, as well. Real participation in organized religion is falling as precipitously up there as in Europe. Even in Quebec.

  9. Thomas says:

    In other words, what American conservatives used to be before Nixon and the official adoption of racism as something worth taking away from Democrats as a reliable electoral plank.

    You appear to have been living in a shack for the past forty years. How can you define conservatives as racist when they are the ones that pushed for the first black Supreme Court justice, named the first black, female Secretary of State and named a Chicano to the President’s cabinet?

  10. Hank says:

    I’m convinced that the core of the conservative agenda is to turn America into any other thirdworld country with with a few hundred UBER-RICH and the rest of us worker-bees in poverty with no government services, protections or social safety net.

    We in the blue states and Canada have a different vision of a civilized country. So, maybe there is something to this plan.

    But, in the map, they should merge Mexico with the red states, though.


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