Xinhua – English — Uh, so what happens to people with a zero sense of humor who live to be 100? How do they do it? I know for a fact that they do not read this blog. At least not for long.

A good bout of laughter every day benefits the heart as it stimulates the blood-flow but depression poses the risk of an early death, new studies show.

Laughter produced a “magnitude of change … in the endothelium … similar to the benefit we might see with aerobic activity, but without the aches, pains and muscle tension associated with exercise, ” said Michael Miller, head of a research team at the University of Maryland.

Overall, average blood flow increased 22% during laughter, and decreased 35% during mental stress, Miller said, citing his studies.

  1. Jim says:

    There is plenty to laugh about, for sure Mr. D. I know the whole country is screwed (according to a blogger), it’s not funny now, this is serious and all of that. I read this Apple Computer story and couldn’t contain my laughter. Then there are the Goofle ads and the craigslist pranks, the Talon News yada yada yada. These people are serious and they want, sorry they (DEMAND), thanks Hank, your sources or they will hit you with a rubber hose until you tell them everything about everybody and they have lawyers to back them up. It must be time for a corporate lawyer joke.

  2. Scott Tobkes says:

    John, my health has improved since reading your weblog.

  3. Sue Schmitz says:

    You can’t have manslaughter without laughter, John!

  4. K B says:

    Heh, what do you know, John also knows how to post pictures of beautiful women from the neck *up* [*cackle*]
    (But he still can’t decide what he wants his Blog header to look like. *snort*)
    As to the subject at hand– I try to get around to that once in a while– the question of those who reach 100 with no sense of humor reminds me of an old Mad Magazine comic from circa 1967 (I only remember that I was a wee lad). The protagonist was an old man who, as I recall, was being interviewed by reporters because he was the oldest man in the world. Instead of being the gentle soul they apparently anticipated meeting, he turned out to be a crotchety old man in the extreme. Asked how he planned on handling his assets after he departed this world, he replied sternly, “I’m not leaving a goddamn thing to any goddamn body!!” Some 40 years later, I still remember the hilarity of the piece. Wish I could get a copy to reminisce.
    (Or was it National Lampoon? I think it was Mad.)


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