CBC News: Mob holds Mexican police hostage over traffic injuries — this is interesting irony considering the fact that they are calling the Minute Men watchdogs “vigilantes” when they are not. Irony abounds.

MEXICO CITY – A Mexican crowd took four police officers hostage briefly on Saturday, demanding that the force pay the medical expenses of a man who lost an eye when his car collided with a police vehicle.

About 60 of the man’s friends and family members in San Bartolome near Mexico City surrounded three police cruisers to protest the handling of the car wreck earlier in the week, said police spokesman Victor Palma.

They released the officers when police authorities agreed to pay the medical expenses of a 20-year-old San Bartolome resident who was injured in the collision

  1. Pat says:

    Could be worse, they could be holding them for a pay-off.

    oops, I got that backwards.

    Could be worse, the cops could have been on their way to deliver a baby.

    oops, wrong country,

    Could be worse, the injured motorist could have warned the Police that he would be keeping an eye out for them.


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