Indian Bloggers List — While this is no means complete, it is interesting when you run into a good blog.

List of bloggers of Indian origin, residing in any part of the world.

Of course, the MOST interesting are the anti-American screeds you run into such as Moral Volcano. I reckon this guy actually works for Dell. I also notice that he’s using American blogging software. Hm.

  1. I repeat what Mr. Bandaranaike, the late Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, said of America “How could I be hostile to a country that produced Mark Twain?” Even the name “Moral Volcano” is from one of Twain’s work.

  2. John Schumann says:

    The Moral Volcano guy figured you didn’t like his site — he took it pretty hard.

    I personally don’t mind the Indians. They are just trying to have a good life like anyone else. What I do mind is the American government employees and corporate big shots that want to move jobs away from the U.S. — they don’t seem to care one bit about the working people in the U.S. — the very people that made their own jobs exist.

  3. Edward Dinovo says:

    From the Moral Volcano blog, “Dvorak is also related to the inventor of the Dvorak simplified keyboard.” I remember your colleague Bill Machrone making it a point to say that you weren’t related to that Dvorak… I guess this blogger doesn’t read PC Magazine.

  4. site admin says:

    I don’t get it where he thinks that I don’t like his site. Exactly where do I say that? I never said anything one way or the other. I just sent him some action.

  5. meetsy says:

    Uhh, mr. site admin…..anyone who didn’t know YOU were an American, would think that YOU are anti-american. You are making fun of creationists, illegal aliens, and outsourcing…all government policy (with the current administration). I’d say….watch out who you call “anti”..instead of OBSERVANT.

  6. Everybody, relax. The post “John C. Dvorak Slams Moral Volcano” was fake news, similar to the ones you see in Jim Stewart’s Daily Show. I like to add facts to fiction. I fully understood Mr. Dvorak’s comments and I appreciate them very much. There was no misunderstanding. Writing spoofs is something I do every now and then. You might find a few articles in website. Not all of them are “anti-American” as you can see. Some of them may be considered “anti-Indian” too.

  7. Anonymous says:
  8. smslibrary says:

    Nothing have anti american thinking, That is only america who have anti human plans.


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